Rules and possibilities (WEEKEND JOURNAL PAGE)


For the months of Nov. and Dec. I gave you some possibilities, posted here so you don’t have to look them up


The weekend Journal page began when I realized I  neglected my art in blogging, while that had been the first intent to blog . My next thought was
maybe you would like to join me in posting your art (not crafts!) project -on-the-way
(All Seasons  on Sunday  goes on as usual. Don’t want to miss out on that fun!)

Scroll down to the bottom for the limits (rules) and possibilities


Weekend Journal  Page  (Nov. 10)
this small oil painting was posted with the title,
“If you play, they will come.”


Friday Nov. 17
My impromptu potholder

to show you it’s just for fun, and to keep yourself accountable, not having to impress anyone else but yourself, a quick project . You can show Unfinished projects:)
My potholders started showing holes. The store had only flimsy, or dorky designs, I started knitting a granny square with thick wool. On the photo you see the back of the granny square. Guess I need to knit a second one, eh?

Is this art too? Art is not only decorative, but can be functional too:)  I don’t use a pattern, or instructions, so this is “raw materials ”  …



Nov. 24 . Follow the progress of another artist
(see rules/possibilities below)


December 1, 2017

I need something to keep my neck and shoulders warm in winter, since  low cut neck lines were so popular. I love cowls, but I want something that wraps around, like a “scarf” that is square or oblong. I have some dark ones, but I need one in neutral or light color (s),

My GRAND IDEA (which is the beginning of a creativity) was to make it myself. Am missing the creative off the beaten path things I saw in Los Angeles, so … the idea was, why don’t I make it myself?


There are the woven ones, but for freezing temperatures, I need something that is a little thicker – knitted or crocheted. Here is the beginning …. starting with one stitch, next row 3 stitches, 3rd row 5 st., you get the drift ….
may be not a huge project, but done without a pattern.

Some random additions: landscaping , or wood, metal, anything – sculpting without a given pattern/instructions or copying an existing sculpture is also working with raw materials!



About commenting at a wordpress blog,
links in comments do not give me any problems! So, Blogspot people, go ahead:)



anything “made” by you, or
follow the progress of an art work of an artist you know (ask their permission!)
does not need to be finished.  Post the progress of your art piece in the next post.
no copy of something made by someone else
-to owners of a meme/challenge,  please do not use a photo of  your own challenge
post for the Weekend Journal. 
It’s a form of advertising!!

Creative includes
any visual (that also means a shape/sculpting in any material, etc.),
auditory, fiber, culinary, literary
or any other artistic endeavor or idea.
– Needs to be”raw” materials. Scrap-booking is nice, but it’s not art.
– It does not need to be new. Re-creating an old T-shirt and using it as the lining of a purse, or make it into a hat, is fine,
– With knitting and crocheting, origami, making a miniature boat, etc. no instructions allowed for the piece you show for Weekend Journal Page.








28 Comments Add yours

  1. Mascha says:

    A great idea! When I’m able to make any arts, I will join (that means, when I have the time for make it). But mostly I make only some collgage-journal-sites during the week, that is to little… – Will see!

  2. Peter B says:

    Beautiful painting and a pretty sky shot!

  3. anniefannie says:

    Lovely painting! I like the colors very much.

  4. Jim says:

    Great reflections

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  6. nannie2four says:

    Awesome painting… and sky fotos are some of my favorite! Happy weekend to you!

  7. scotiaspinner says:

    I love the copper pot – and the mustard pot too! Great choices! Lovely art as always.

  8. Carol says:

    I love your art. I haven’t tried painting in decades. I do my creative stuff with graphics and a little DIY. Here’s a link to my faux autumn placemat. It really isn’t art but it’s fun.

  9. bettyl - NZ says:

    My only ‘art’ is photography but I just wanted to let you know that I was here and read your post 🙂

  10. MOSAIC ART says:

    Lovely painting, Jesh. I think once a month will be great to start with. Depending on the involvement, you can think about having a fortnightly entry later (especially now with the holidays looming ahead, people will be very busy).

  11. MOSAIC ART says:

    PS: Auditory, huh? Maybe I’ll work up enough courage to post up some of my music compositions…

  12. Klara S says:

    Wonderful painiting. I’d love see more of your work. Me? Unfortunately I don’t do any art 😦

  13. Love your painting, it’s one of my favourites.

    Great idea! I will try to join in of course! Interestingly enough I just wrote a post called Make Art 🙂


  14. Mascha says:

    Cute bears and: I need potholders too, shold look for some woolrests…
    Ba the way: in this post at the last picture is an old painting by me, in this kind I’ve painted earlier.
    (had not time and energy this week to try it again)

  15. Hi Jesh, quite a challenge …. if you get numbers interested I’ll join in.
    Once a month or week,whatever works out.

  16. KL says:

    Great idea. I think once a month as I do art but they are getting far and rare due to time. So, I might not be able to post every week. You can do every week but I might once a month or so :-D. So, anything created by me is allowed, right? How about decorating house/garden — that’s also art, right :-)?

    I love that small oil painting of Piper. The vibrant blue color is really standing out, as the color of his coat. What is it with Dutch and Blue color? Almost all those porcelain handicrafts from Netherlands has blue decorations on it. My question sounds pretty racist, I know, but I am really curios to know if there is any historical connection.

  17. KL says:

    Hi Jeannette, I didn’t get your email :-(. Can you please let me know your email address. I can then try to search it using that. I could not find it any of my gmail folders. Anyway, I have decided to participate in your weekend journal. Not sure if that’s what you are looking for. But, check out my blog – weekend journal posted just now :-D. Thank you.

  18. jesh stg says:

    Sorry, but I’ll get back later to you, but it’s

  19. KL says:

    I hope I am linking it correctly — here is my weekend journal on Art —

  20. Mascha says:

    I’m late, but I come, here is my:
    Have a nice weekend

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