Love blogging , since it keeps developing my creative thinking about images and concepts.
The four countries I have lived in (Holland, Indonesia, Germany, and USA), satisfies my interests in culture and ethnic diversity, before it became  political correct.
Am in a Dutch tribe with  a husband, three adult children and 7 grand children from my 2 daughters..Our son resides somewhere (he keeps moving!)  in Europe.
Love living in California, now  in the middle of nature at a higher altitude.

My art education is from the Netherlands. The doctorate in Clinical Psychology is from Rosemead School of Psychology, in South CA. Am happily retired, still doing just as much as when I “worked.”

Below, working on the corner of a collective painting with other artists in Laguna Niguel, CA. For about five years I painted there for an audience almost every week. Now in North California, hubs built a studio so I could paint bigger.

A collective painting_0015.JPG

Painting in Laguna on a group painting, CA


The studio (left)  in the forest, in Northern CA


ThecloudOpenHouse2016.jpgThe Cloud – 9 x 7 feet was featured at the Open house Nov. 2016-  Thought it would take me half a year to do such a large piece, but surprisingly was finished in 3 weeks, painting in the afternoon

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