THERE IS ALWAYS ENOUGH –  multi colored

Oil, 24 x 30 inch, Enough Oil, St. Germain

Heidi Baker, a remarkable small blond woman, originally from Laguna Niguel,  the same suburb as where I have been painting before. She has a wild faith and left when she was young  to go to Mozambique to look for orphans. She found 25000 at least. Several of my friends went there for a internship – to help, so these  numbers are not exaggerated. Her motto is “there is always enough” like this widow  in ancient times learned.

Her kids were going to be sold as slaves by her creditors. On the word of a prophet she poured the little oil she had, into all of her own jars and those of her neighbors. She involved her kids in this miracle, because they kept running back and forth to get the jars. There was so much oil in the end, that she  could sell it and live off it.

When I saw the theme multi-colored, immediately this painting came to mind, because the concept multi=colored is not only about colors like red, blue, and yellow, but extends to  a a multi  number of situations and concepts.
One Word Sunday Photo





For Sunday Trees  – the red trunks of the Manzanita trees are so colorful, especially in the snow

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  1. prior.. says:

    Hi Jesh – I love your take on mulit-colored – and your painting is wonderful – the ladies scarf has such an allure and the layered pots to the left – it is just such an interesting painting.
    and the trees are nice too – happy sunday and happy new year

  2. Debbie Smyth says:

    What a gorgeous painting Jesh. Much to take in, but the colours hint at the happy ending.
    A perfect picture to take is into a Happy New Year!

  3. Lovely painting ! Happy New Year !

  4. jesh stg says:

    Once in a while am going against my own grain and go all-out for colors:):) Yes, sometimes the future can look scary, but Christmas and the New Year give hope for good news to take place.
    Thank you for hosting Deb, the subjects of One Word Sunday Photo are inspiring!
    I’ll see you in the coming days at All Seasons:)

  5. jesh stg says:

    Thanks so much Dabbie – you’re very right – the colors hint at the outcome:) Hope to see you back at Seasons this week!

  6. Mascha says:

    Lovely painting and story!
    (Wish, I could find time and energxy for painting too…)

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