Hello  in and out of Season Bloggers,

Thank you Friends for your lovely links of last week! Your posts were BEAUTIFUL!
The link this week runs from Sunday November 12 – Wednesday Nov. 15 till 7 pm, Pacific time

A few upcoming things.
1. December24 is Chirstmas eve – I imagine most of you will be super busy. or are traveling, or have guests, so why don’t we all take off, and tell your Christmas experience on December 31 – and I leave the linky on till Friday (which is January 5 at noon, Pacific time.

2. For the artlovers among us, I am waiting for a month (till Sept 8) if it’s worth a linky list,  and how many times per month is a good fit for people. Am calling it Weekend Journal Page (click if you’re interested on the highlighted word Journal ).
I really need your input, so please let me know in your comment here, or on the Journal page what you think, and how many times a month.

In no way is the Journal page  a replacement for All Seasons!! (don’t want to miss the fun!)

3. Last but not least – there’s something wrong with my external drive, so I need to take the computer to the store on Monday, which means I will be late with my comments back to  some of you.

This is around the time where I change dishes from lots of salads and melons, to more winter y fruit and veggies, and oven dishes,  enough Vitamin C and D. More warm drinks like chocolate milk and hot apple cider.

Also, am asking the parents in my family in October-November  to make a Xmas wish list for the little kids. The older grands give me each a one page wish list, and I choose one item, so it’s still a surprise.
Presents do not take the place of love, but in a world of affluence, it’s an opportunity to teach children to be generous with what they have, and choose one of their favorite toys to give away to a needy child.



Sacramento’s –  the capital of California, – and San Francisco’s growth exploded during the gold rush of 1849. The latter, from 5 thousand to 22 thousand in a few years. People from everywhere on the globe came to mine gold. Where I live, are still some gold panning sites.
This is the era  where the saying “the Californian dream” comes from. In Folsom, one of the suburbs, there is a museum with all the tools of that time. Maybe I’ll show that some other time.










Pumpkin Scarecrow Girl














Cheerful flowers in Fall




On special days in Sacramento  you need to be in Old Town -that’s where things are happening:) this might have been shot on the 4th of July. Parking are gold rush prices! This high school band played pretty good music.





Down in Old Town Sacramento in Fall. My guests from Holland wanted to see
the Old and the Modern in Sacramento. The modern part,s are actually in the suburbs.



I prefer the old part, for it has the grand history of the Gold rush (the buildings are not grand, for these were miners coming from across the globe to find gold). Having lived for 3+ decades in Los Angeles,  I prefer Old Town Sacramento. That is not to say that there no history around L.A.
1 1/2 hours,  South are the missions, such as San Juan Capistrano, etc.)


Which historic part (nearby) do you prefer?



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19 Comments Add yours

  1. Mascha says:

    The first English song, what I’ve learned in childhood was

    Of course, I prefer the old part of our nice town, the charming old houses… Will make some photos of it in Christmas time. Hope, we will have a little snow.
    Enjoy your sunday

  2. kenschneider says:

    Here in south Florida we slip from summer into winter, from wet into dry season, without much fanfare. It’s time to plant tomatoes and herbs, and to keep them watered until they wither and die, not from the frost but from the return of summer heat.

  3. Oh what a joyful pumpkin girl….and lovely autumn colours!
    Thanks for hosting and sharing.

    Have a great week Jesh!

  4. Kelleyn says:

    Sorry, about your computer! I agree! It is important to teach children about giving, service, and charity and most children has so much it is ridiculous. Have a great week!

  5. I love your autumn colours, and the pumpkin scarecrow girl. We are turning brown here with an early start to summer. Have a fabulous week and thank you again for the link up.

  6. I also like town’s with history, and much of Colorado has Gold Rush history. I hope you will be able to fix your computer. These machines are so complicated at times. I also like your plan for Christmas Eve. I entertain that evening so I know I’ll be busy.As far as gifts we have been trying not to give too many toys but instead, we give memberships to museums or tickets to an event or pay for lessons.

  7. How lovely these old cities are compared to the modern skyscraper-full monstrosities, Jesh! I must say that a skyline of skyscrapeprs is very photogenic, but one gets tired of them pretty quickly.

  8. POND LIFE says:

    PS: The fish photos last week were taken quite safely in front of the thick glass of tanks at the aquarium! No, I don’t scuba dive, Jesh! 🙂

  9. MOSAIC ART says:

    The Journal idea sounds great, Jesh. I’ll investigate and let you know my ideas. Here’s is a bit of derivative-derivative digital art!

  10. Klara S says:

    Lovely autumn pictures. Pumpkin girl looks so… cheerful! 😉
    Thank you for hosting.

  11. The miners searched for gold and you found it on the trees!

  12. The scarecrow girl is cute and perfect for the season. I loved the fall trees. I like the little towns in Gold Country, and mountains, the sea, and Chinatown in San Francisco and oh, so much more!

  13. Jackie S says:

    Lovely fall photos. That’s one thing I like about living in Wyoming is the change of seasons. Having grown up in the Pasadena area I know there is lots to see in the big state of California.

  14. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Deborah! So, is it worth visiting Chinatown in San Francisco? (am asking to have some things to do when son from Holland comes to visit again). When you live in Nevada it may be a big adjustment not having all these things to visit close by!
    Sorry my reply is so late. But the external hard drive not showing up freaked us out. In checking with the “professionals” the three days had passed, and only had the Ipad which does not link well.

  15. Oh, yes I think Chinatown, and the Embarcadero are worth visiting anytime, but right now the Financial Dist. is all lit up for the Holidays and looking amazing!

    Union Square and a lot of the shops around there are going to have their windows and store fronts decorated. That’s always nice to go there too.

  16. jesh stg says:

    Thanks for all the info Deborah!
    We saw the other day on House Hunters (TV) the city where you live, and now I understand now why you want to move -CRAZY house prices there! Then I rather live in the middle of “nowhere” to enjoy nature and still able to have a life!

  17. Exactly! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving Jesh!

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