One of my city dweller’s discoveries now living on the country side – we discovered
a sugar pine (they are not the regular pines).
Look how giant the sugar pine cone is – compared to a clothes pin.
One Word Sunday



Do you see the cones  on the left of the sugar pine in our yard ?
Estimated  at least 80 feet
Sunday Tree





Makro-Tex asked for summer shoes on Tue.

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  1. Joanne Sisco says:

    I LOVE the sandals and that is a serious pine cone! I have a pine tree in my front yard – actually it IS my front yard – and thankfully its cones aren’t nearly so large.

  2. Jackie says:

    That is a BIG pinecone!

  3. Debbie Smyth says:

    I’m glad you put the clothes pin for perspective. And what a garden to house a tree like that!

  4. jesh stg says:

    I know for Europe it’s a lot of land, 1 1/3 acre, but here, some do not begin to count the acres till it’s 5 acres!

  5. jesh stg says:

    Debbie, actually I could not call our yard a garden, because around us is the forest. That’s why I can’t grow anything on the ground like veggies and flowers, since the animals who pass through like to eat them:) They eat the sugar pinecone too!

  6. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Joanne – I took that shot from my back window and thankful that that sugar pine is about an acre away from the house:)

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