It was a shock when a visitor to my studio in August, wanting to buy one of my plein air paintings. Could not be more surprised, because I paint them during my vacation at “wherever we are” regarding them as my vacation snapshots. I should pay more attention to my plein airs!

A pretty accurate view of my “backyard.”  After I found this plein air painting back after about half a year, something stirred in me. My immediate impression was “lackluster.” That is not how I experience this view at all. It must have been painted in early spring, or winter, since that is the only time the grass is green here.
Felt like I should paint this place how it is in my memory … with the wisteria blooming.



Art is in my opinion and interpretation, –  not a “report”  – but an emotional rendition of a place.
Late spring is the time where the green is intense, and the leaves of the Wisteria are the focus of the surroundings of  the little birdhouse.
The bare branches looked kind of rogue! This is how it looks like in winter.

The longer I looked, the more I felt this severe – although accurate view  – is not how I remember my back yard. That’s when I put it back on my easel, looked up my paints and small brushes, and added the leaves .

Before, being so focused on the gazebo I gave it all the space I could give, not paying enough attention  of the placement of the horizon (by default  where one sees the trunks of the trees in the background).  After I let it simmer in my thoughts for while,  the more I felt it needed  …a second change!
It was placing the horizon lower. It does not make any difference to someone who  has not lived here, but it does to me.



Oil,  12 x 16 inch,  Spring View of My Back Yard, © St. Germain

Even though at the moment of the “redo” of this place the Wisteria were not blooming, when I think of my backyard, I picture it in my mind with the blooms.
I looked up my archives images where they were blooming, and added them next on the canvas.

With a sigh of satisfaction I knew this painting was now done.  If anyone finds this plein air after I have gone up to my Maker, at least others see this place I love and how I experienced it.

A page of my art journal shared with you.
Not all the pages reveal such a drastic change, but this one does. As one of my blog friends Deborah says …”more to come ….” …. on January 5, 2018

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Weekend Journal Page. If you have not already, please  read  the rules and possibilities of Journal page Dec. 1 –  CLICK

Put a perma  link in your comment (navy blue part below) till January 3 – In Jan. 5 will be the next post.

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  1. I like how the addition of the flowers softened the scene. Just like Spring does. 🙂 Here’s my link to a couple of pages from my art journal — http://www.su-sieeemac.com/2017/12/art-journaling.html

  2. jesh stg says:

    The elephant is so cute and joyful! What a clever Mama you have, to get you to paint the gourds! Great art beginnings! That you may develop your artistic skills and thrive!

  3. Mascha says:

    Sorry, I haven’t found a december 8 post and the link, what you`ve added, isn’t my contribution for Weekend journal page (don’t know, were you found this)
    Here ist the right:

  4. Mascha says:

    So lovely with the wisteria and: yeah, I always said, I don#T paint the reality, I paint my impression. Maybe, I can find a new begin of serious painting. Still don’t know. Wrote this post today in the morning for Weekend Journal Page

  5. Lovely sense of being with nature in your painting.
    Link to my painting “Pilgrimage – a Journey” . As always it’s about energy. Life journey,journey to places of empowerment etc.

  6. Mascha says:

    Here is my next work, it will just be the last for a long time, our celebration is canceled and all my own life… the sickness of my mother takes all my time and energy. Don’t know, how long –
    Merry Christmas time

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