For 15+ years it was basic to visit two of our adult children  and their kids  during the
holidays. in the Sacramento area. We would be there for the holidays and go back to L.A.
in January. Parts of the free way are scenic, as you see. Even in winter.
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Coffee or tea is a BASIC for living:):) NOT, but it’s nice! (it’s not  I in the reflection)
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A door is  kind of a basic feature of a house. I’m hospitable, but I do have my limits.
The doors here in Folsum, CA are very simple,
but the trimmings of this shop have its old world charm.


Love this  cactus I have indoors that blooms in winter time
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How about an Attitude:)!  in Huntington Library Gardens, Pasadena, CA
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Basic living?

Not my intention to shame  or make fun of people, but having lived in several parts of the world some of the following things are kind of amusing.
To me a house are basically four walls and a roof. Connected to water and electricity would be nice. The TV program (International) House Hunters keep me in stitches.
They (the ones looking for a house)  want a pool while they have a beach view??

They refuse a house because it has no clothes dryer or dish washer.
The rest of the world air dry their clothes in the yard, balcony, or drying rack! I used to have a gas dryer, but the bill would be too high to operate it in the mountains. So I have air dried my clothes for 4 years, and am still alive without bodily or mental harm:)
Also, I have two hands to wash my dishes with them, right?

I can understand that if one is not used to steep stair cases like in Europe, one might be a little bit squeamish at first, but … why do we have two legs? No stair case because one has little kids? I was five when I came to live in a house with one, till I was 18! And there were no childproof latches either:):)

Some  HAVE TO  have two bathrooms. That really puzzles me. Don’t you mostly go one at a time to the bathroom  anyway? .Do you really have to brush your teeth at the same time? … and … you would not invite guests, who you would not feel comfortable with, right?

Others refuse a house with an endless list of popcorn ceilings, carpet, laminate floors, dark cabinets, no granite or corian counters, an island, no island, and so on –  most of them are cosmetic items.
What makes me laugh is when they say  (the rooms, the bath tub, you name it) “It’s too small,” while in many parts of the world people live with a whole family in one room.

To be fair, I’m to a certain degree guilty of this  myself. One time I asked hubby, how big the entry way was, which he was rebuilding for a customer. He looked at our walls and ceiling, and estimated, “Hmm, I think … it’s about as big as our house….”
“Thanks, sweetie. I really needed to know that.”

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26 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelleyn says:

    Yes, the show is pretty funny. They ususally take U.S. standards and think that is going to translate abroad. Let me tell you! I am very happy with my large apartment in germany which is very rare even though I have to lug all my stuff and groceries up the stairs. Is it the end of the world no. I do miss having a garage though. It is nice to walk into a relatively warm garage in the winter. Also, not the end of the world. Have a great week!

  2. Dan Antion says:

    In my short career as a woodworker/home improvement contractor, I saw entryways as big as houses, kitchens as big as dining halls and bathrooms I could get lost in. I also met some wonderful people who were trying to make very small rooms a little more useful, squeeze a little extra storage space out of a small house and treat themselves to a comfortable place to relax. I can say, almost without exception, the people on the lower-end of that scale seemed happier. I can say, without exception, they paid their invoices faster.

  3. jesh stg says:

    In the beginning, when hubs worked in million dollar homes I did not understand when he said that “they’re just like us.” But later I came to know a few stories, one is that some pinched pennies just like I do, or had HUGE outstanding debts. Hubs has been asked why he didn’t get a contracters license – for one simple reason, that finance matters are a headache to him. So I can say happily, I don’t know about the invoice part:) But I do know now for certain they are not happier than than the rest of us are!

  4. Tamar says:

    There is something about resetting in January and slowing don!

  5. Dan Antion says:

    My wife handled the finances 🙂

  6. jesh stg says:

    Jacob’s wife is the spender:):)

  7. Hi Jesh
    I also have a Christmas cactus, but mine bloomed in November. I think many contemporary Americans are a little spoiled by “having it all” and “expecting it all” When I visited my husband’s hometown in Italy and saw how modest most of the homes were, yet how happy everyone living in them were, I realized that true happiness and contentment has nothing to do with having a big house ot=r lots of things.

  8. ladyfi says:

    I love that first shot!

  9. Jackie says:

    I do like my comforts but agree, some people have more money than brains.

  10. Angie says:

    Bigger is not always better – I am sure some folks will look at my recent posts about our new log home and say ‘well, she should talk!’ But we scrimped and lived in homes below our means for 25+ years so that we could retire in our dream home! At the end of the day, delayed gratification is a true means to happiness! Thanks for hosting All Seasons!

  11. Mascha says:

    The house at the photo seems wonderful for me (and exotic) and I like the statue. Like walk through parks and gardens and discover new areas (although we haven’t car or money for bus and train, so we are living in a very small and well known area, but new things can find even there). We are living with simple things and have other joys than have all materialistic things. And the best from the best…Only a lot of books and green tea we need, without these cannot live 😉

  12. riitta k says:

    Beautiful photos. I don’t know House Hunters but well-off people have big demands here too 🙂

  13. every now and then going back to baic is A good thing

    Have a splendid ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

  14. Roger Green says:

    I find a lot of these HGTV shows rather irritating. Speaking of pop culture, have you seen Lady Bird, the movie? Sacramento is a supporting player: http://www.rogerogreen.com/2018/01/08/movie-review-lady-bird-no-lbj/

  15. I get stuck on these house hunting shows every now and then, especially when it’s on an island or in a foreign country. I have to laugh when a couple goes through a house and says “We can put crown molding here.” I like it when the property looks horrible, one of the couple says “No way!”, then they go inside the house and it’s gorgeous.

  16. jesh stg says:

    Went to your blog and typed “ach, de kleine b:) Thanks for hosting” Then I was not able to put my website in (probably has to do with ma ac – still learning its differences!) Am going to bed, but I wanted you to have the reply today,

  17. I really like this post. 🙂 At home, I only watch the HGTV and DIY shows I like, but here in SC I have to watch what is on and it seems like Property Brothers rules the air right now. So, I’ve watched more of their shows than I ever would have liked. The entire premise is to fix up the old house to sell, look at three new, bigger houses, pick one, and then fix that one up because it is not glamorous enough. If you watch with the voice on, it could send you to get a drink because of the way they whine about every item in a house. I truly wonder after they have sold the now lovely house they had for the bigger mortgage if they live happily ever after. 🙂

  18. Peter B says:

    I love those rolling hills and oak trees in the Sacramento area. I think living in different parts of the world is a big advantage. We get so wrapped up in things we “have to have”, not realizing they are totally unnecessary!

  19. Joyful says:

    I enjoyed your photo series and commentary. I used to watch the International House Hunter show It does make one wonder about the “must haves” doesn’t it? Sadly the show isn’t on my channels any more

  20. Norm 2.0 says:

    That’s a lovely old-west style entrance but “Mama Bootcamp”? Is that where mothers go to learn how to be more strict with their kids? 😉

  21. jesh stg says:

    Haha, have no idea! I saw the sign only when I enlarged the photo. This was in a street of stores where “every” store of the town is:)

  22. jesh stg says:

    Thanks for your interest:):)Smiled about that Property Brothers program – at first it’s new, but the whining is something that grates one one after a while. Thankfulness is a great gift:)

  23. I love the hills when they’re green! I really like that old house Mama’s Bootcamp. A gym?
    I’ve never wanted a really big house b/c I don’t want to clean it, cool it, or heat it. 🙂 I do like my two bathrooms and wouldn’t want to go back to having just one.

  24. Yes we have high standards here…Michelle

  25. Lovely cactus, Jesh. I had to laugh reading about your description of demands of house hunters… Living simply is beyond so many people nowadays. You can guess how complicated the lives of some are by looking at the electric kitchen appliances they have: Rice cooker, jaffle maker, crepe maker, pizza oven, can opener, knife sharpener, food processor, milk shake maker, pop corn maker, etc etc. And of course most of these sit idle and never or rarely used…
    Thanks for taking part in the FloralFriday Fotos meme.

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