This last “wonderful” month of Dean Martin’s (?)  song is tongue in cheek because for the ones in the helping professions, it can be the most busy or overwhelming month. Also, it’s very busy for anyone in the education department, sales department. The “wonderful” begins to shrink isn’t it?


Yep, we have snow in the forecast at 2500 feet, and we live at 3000 feet.
When “the weather outside is frightful” (from the song Let it snow)
I enjoy a cup of coca, coffee or hot apple cider
Symmetry (in my opinion) leaves not much to the imagination:) For you symmetry buffs – the up-going line of the table purposefully  not straight. The angle of the ears of the cups are not in symmetry!
(Makro Tex – December)


Fri Hunt begin with W: winter (image above and below)
dense: clouds (last image)
texture:  texture of  cotton balls (last image)


One of the pleasures of winter!
An art piece of one of my favorite Dutch artists Anton Pieck.
He lived from 1895 -1987, being a painter and graphic artist. His style is romantic and nostalgic. He is most known in Holland for the designs
of the fairy tale theme park the Efteling
(every child has been there, when I was one).
He designed  a classic car museum. His cards and calendars are still very popular.
The museum of his works are in Hattem (the province Gelderland
( TueTravel)


HAPPY Independence Day, Finland!  A FUN Sinterklaas,  the Netherlands
both on the 6th of Dec.
Sinterklaas is the Bishop of Myra, who gave presents on his birthday to the “good” kids; comparable with Santa Claus



Two doors below: the ones from the fire truck and the side door of the restaurant in Giethoorn, the Netherlands

in freaky situations, likely to occur in December,
we are so thankful for the firefighters and first responders! They
had much work this summer here with 20 fires.
Thurs doors




And all the unseen people who serve us – in hospitals, restaurants, gas stations,  …. you name it!
The DOOR is just to the left of the flower sign behind the hedge. A typical Dutch “vibe“with the thatched roof as well as the shape of the roof, the design on the shutters.
Tue Treasures, ABC Wed. – Vibe, Thurs. Doors, Weekend Green





Isn’t it in winter, we long for the spring or summer?
Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto




Reflection in Hortus, Groningen the Netherlands
Sky Watch, Weekend Reflection





A dense and an interesting texture: dreaming to break through these clouds!



JOIN THE FUN of sharing your experience of the SEASONS

The link is open from Sunday December 3 through Wednesday  evening  Dec. 6 till 7 pm, Pacific time





This week Friday Noon (December 8) Weekend Journal Page is launched.
There will be a separate post. You can link with putting your perma link in your comment.
Remember, a link my comment does not give me any problems, since I’m at wordpress!
The next post will be Friday January 5

Please read CLICK to see what the parameters (rules/possibilities) are.
You don’t have to be a professional, but if you always wanted to do art, this is your chance, because you can go at your own pace with coloring pencils or Crayola’s (no adult coloring books!) and I can give you advice, but only if you ask me.




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22 Comments Add yours

  1. I hope your month has not been too professionally overwhelming! Hey – let it snow, love how you’ve done this Jesh :)Wren x

  2. Lydia C. Lee says:

    It is a crazy busy time!! But holidays soon enough!!

  3. Rose says:

    I had to take time to look up Anton Pieck…oh, what wonderful work! I think the holidays are just stressful period…for all. I know not as much as to some.

    We are doing okay…I took a break from blogging and have been back for about a month. And some days i m not sure I will keep it up. Yet I do enjoy it. Just some days are rougher than others. I don’t recall if you know but my husband had a stroke in aug of 2016, and while he gets around okay, he lost a lot. Lost vision to the right, has trouble with short term memory, and the more important what he wants to say is, the harder he has it trying to come up with the word.

  4. ladyfi says:

    Wonderful shots! And I often think of those unsung heroes that help life to run smoothly. And what an amazing sky shot with all those clouds. So glad to see you here!

  5. Mascha says:

    So pretty winter scene of Anton Pieck and all the other, what warms our heart in cold time. Earlier I worked as mailwoman, december was always the hardest month for us with all the letters, greeting cards and gifts (in times before email), but we brought a lot od joy and surprises for the people…
    Enjoy your time

  6. riitta k says:

    Thank you for your warm wishes to Finland! It was also nice to learn about the Dutch Sinterklaas.

    I love the style of Pieck’s painting. Christmas cards in this style always please me the best. Enjoy your day!

  7. Wonderful photo for V but the one of Anton Pieck steals my heart ofcourse, the birthdaycard of our daughter in 1985 was drawn by him.
    I’ve visited that museum some years ago, it was wonderful and intriguing at the same time.

    Have a ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

  8. Hazel says:

    Indeed! And the most wonderful time of the year – my favorite season ❤ I love mugs. Yours are pretty. What a lovely art piece. Fairy tale theme parks are the best. I'll never get over them, I guess 🙂

    P.S. I blog here:

  9. Roger Green says:

    Hot cocoa ANYTIME it’s cold!


  10. Kelleyn says:

    Never realized that thatched roofs were also a part of Dutch culture. Praying for California right now as it seems like you guys are getting hit by wild wires. So sad!

  11. KL says:

    I agree December can be a busy month. It can also be a longing month (that is all the festivals for the year coming to end; an year coming to end; another new year starting; we are getting old by a year, and slowly inching towards that inevitable, the worst inevitable that will happen to all of us…sigh…). Are you in the Netherlands now? Lovely country and amazing art museums!! You have some wonderful cups/dishes and all those small things in your house. How do you take care of them? I don’t think they can be put in washing-machine, can they? Again lovely pictures.

    I think I started coming to your blog, commenting and then started participating in your meme. But, I don’t remember now. Thank you for the explanation of blue on dutch handicrafts. Speaking of meme, I have to again go and search your Season Meme. I am constantly loosing it in your new

  12. bevbaird says:

    Great choice for V this week – interesting building. Lots of challenges covered as well.

  13. Norm 2.0 says:

    Nice door find but my favorite shot of the bunch is the sky/cloud shot. Nicely done 🙂

  14. The California fires are so frightening — I guess your part of the state is safe this time. Lovely painting by your countryman — almost makes me think winter would be fun to experience. Thank you so much for hosting Seasons — it’s good to be back.

  15. Love Anton Pieck’s painting – thanks for posting.

  16. Peter B says:

    I so agree about the amazing efforts of all the firefighters and first responders. It’s been a terrible few days with all the wildfires in CA, but would have been much, much worse without their heroic efforts.

  17. It is hard to believe when the 12th month rolls around – so fast!

  18. Lydia C. Lee says:

    Back from #WeekendReflections

  19. fun60 says:

    Wonderful set of photos. Particularly like that last one.

  20. I like those cups and also the painting. I’m enjoying lots of hot drinks here, since it’s gotten quite cold. We even have a dusting of snow, which I love, although I’d like more. Have a happy weekend.


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