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                     Hello All Seasons bloggers,

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Your posts are incredible and amazing! Enjoyed so much visiting them.
Forgot to tell you that the week before, I had the feeling some of my comments didn’t come through, because  I made a typo with my username.  Just wanted you to know that I visited each of you!

How is Fall treating you? It’s giving us the cold shoulder. Last week temps suddenly dropped and last two nights it went as far as 48  degr! Suddenly socks, shoes, a hoodie and oven dishes! Much, much colder than the previous 3 years in Fall.




One advantage of living without much traffic is that it is easier to hear tiny sounds, and see small movements, like this parade of deer passing  the front of my house. On the slant of the tree trunks you see they’re going up hill.
Meet the neighborhood gang – at times  they surprise me. They hear the clicks of my camera, but they don’t stop dead in their track like a frozen statue. They keep walking. because they heard it before.
I, on the other hand , have learned to move slowly without sudden movements and do like I ignore them. And so they do likewise. After all it’s just that strange human with that annoying clicking box.





My lipstick plant has bloomed three separate times. Not in the latter part of the year as before, but in spring and summer- that’s a new one!






This year our last three guests this year (except for family) have brought us wine – the least I expected, living on the country side!  Although living in the middle of vineyards may have to do with it:)




What pleasant or unpleasant surprises have you had this year?
Tell us about it:)



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