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The DUCKS is referring to all the things going on in our life. At Rosh Hashanah. the Jewish New Year, things in our life are evaluated. Love it, so that I don’t have to do this at Christmas time:)


This week is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year feast. A New Year is like an arch, the future beautifully framed, to go through and see what this year is all about.

These huge arches with curtains were in the open air, at the main square of Athens, Greece. It breathes history, like many other building structures  in Athens.
Hubby got into a conversation with a Greek man, so I took out my sketchbook .
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A new year, a new nest or house to build on …
Reddish brown, or a light Burnt Sienna in my garden
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A new year for new “flowers” to bloom! At first this looked like a rose, but from inspecting the leaves I knew it was a Camella!
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A Keeper – a n antique wooden hand coffee beans  mill
(in Dutch it starts with a K: koffiemolen)
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Fri Hunt: Begin with L:  Landscape – last image
Landscape – last image
Key  – Angel wearing a Key


Open doors to see and hear the band playing. Sorry, was not watching the lighting closely enough:). These doors with its frame is at least  16 feet in height, but to get it all in one image (without a panorama lens),  this is the distorted result!)
(Thurs. Doors




That your palms may bloom, give oil and fruit. Wow, this one is high!
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Obviously I don’t have all my ducks in a row, for I could not find something for Friday Hunt’s Key – so I cropped one of my unfinished paintings with an angel who wears  a key:)



This year we had a very long and wet winter and spring in California.  For the first time in several years this wildlife place was totally flooded until the weather got warmer.  A sigh of relief when slowly each week  this area where geese and other birds congregate came back to the surface. Some things are new when entering a new period. Other things need to continue, and be enduring.
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Connected my Facebook page for my plein air paintings where nature points out some things about its creator. StG  –  page is called: Stgermainart.

Hope to see you there sometime!♥♥♥♥



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