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After publishing this post, and checking it for typos, I thought, it sounds like I didn’t have a subject. Am barely alive enough to know (joking!!) it is because the 100 degrees has been pressing on my brain long enough that it probably melted some neuro connections!


When it is so hot (even a 100 degr. at our 3000 feel level) Balboa Park I  large `2,00 acre park with a relaxing pace. Big enough to  comfortably fit several amenities.. It was already a park in 1835, named after the explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa. In the Mexican-American war the neighbors South of the borders were forced to include San Diego to the USA. This explains that most of the buildings were built in a beautiful opulant Spanish style.

It is one of the oldest parks and has a variety of art museums, food, plant associations and botanical building, artistry corner, science  museum, an big open air space for concerts – in short, the works!


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All the images in this post were taken in Balboa park.  A large variety of orchids in the botanical building. Waiting for this little treasure to be opened







Lovely construction of the ceiling throughout the year. The bow on the bottom is not the end, but extends to the side.





Seen from the outside, is the same as the image above, and the wooden ceiling extends the right side. On this bridge in front there are often one of two(good)  musicians playing.  You see the last of  at least 8 lilly pads in this big pond in front.






A fig tree, also in the botanical building.


Curious what are you doing on days when it is too hot to move?

The only thing that gets me going is a large glass of ice tea or iced coffee.
I can paint even in my dreams, so I probably do a few big strokes.
In between a shower, and more ice tea, or coffee, I’ll make a salad.
That was all in one day.
I promise myself I’ll make cookies when the when it gets down to 85!
What a nice thought:)

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