These are the spectaculars! Whether it is in nature, ingenious ideas, or colors or shapes. Took me a while choosing “Spectacle” because of the multitude of stunning views in Yosemite Nat. Park. The powerful crash of the sound of water, combined with the stunning rush, foam and the mist the water that Bridal … Continue reading SPECTACULAR


  Success often actually is reaching mile stones, instead of the pinnacle of the mountain. Brugmansia – beautiful elongated trumpet flower announcing “success.” This word can mean so many things, but knowing the harrowing story of the groom, being abandoned by his love and waiting about twenty years for this sudden happiness, was on all … Continue reading SUCCESS AFTER ALL


SPRINGY One Mothers Day my son suggested we go to the Huntington Library and gardens in Pasadena, CA. After that we have kept coming back at least a few times a year. If there’s a lot to see I don’t mind walking:) Established by Henri Huntington (1850 – 1927) as an educational and research institution. … Continue reading SPRINGY STEP