The wind will know
where to blow
to give new seeds
wake up the leaves
hurry for it outruns
winter storms
sweeping spring
into our garden.
© St Germain


My promised update of a while ago. Still contemplating if I leave the little tree like it is, or accentuate it more …. but for the rest it’s finished:):)

Watercolor,  15 1/2 x  11  inch, Jarring Geometrical Rocks  Yosemite Nat. Park, © St Germain.  Close to Bridal Veil Falls.

Some think being art is associated with happy go lucky, bumbling through life. It’s somewhat different. The artist not only has an out of the box view, but is also able to represent it in an innovative way.
When you read some of their biographies, you’ll read  often the opposite. Some agonize over many decisions, and are hyper responsible.  My sense is because they see things down the road, so to speak. Others would call the latter a “revelatory inclination.”
(Travel Tue, ABC Wed. – Jarring, Weekend Green)



QUESTION for Thurs. Doors

Those in-between-projects time may be challenging, but hasten to say it is not necessarily a “bad” or wasteful endeavor! These periods  may of course also extend to other professions asking for innovative , entrepreneurial, and  inventive  skills.
In that case they may occupy themselves  with window shopping or buy things that doesn’t have a functional purpose, just filling the time since not quite knowing what will come next …. this is the time to take a vacation, but not all may have the funds for it.

Thurs. Door Question –  Wondering when it’s time to close the doors,  does the black trim door goes over the white door inside? What do you think?
By the way, do you see the cow bells outside? That would be my purchase!





Without saying …
(Floral Bliss , Floral Fri Foto )





But in the end we come back to the same questions.
Where is the wind going?
Do I go “with” the wind, or in an opposite stream?
(Tue Texture, Makro-Tex: March, Sky Watch )




No other option than to go toward resolution or peace!
(Weekend Reflection)





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45 Comments Add yours

  1. fun60 says:

    Spring will ne with us soon. Like your wayercolour very much.

  2. Going toward peace sounds like a good idea. If only!!! Such beautiful pictures. I am in awe.

  3. tgeriatrix says:

    What a wonderful painting!

  4. pappilanmummo says:

    Sky is fine

  5. riitta k says:

    Beautiful windmill & scenery!

  6. ladyfi says:

    What a lovely watercolour!

  7. Thanks for your visit on my handicrafts blog! Good to know you can’t reach me through my Blogger profile. I also keep a lifestyle blog and that’s where I put all my photographs on the photo challenge. So next time I comment, I’ll try to remember to add my blog address.

  8. elizabethfstewart says:

    I love your painting!

  9. Great photos and a great poem!

  10. jesh stg says:

    That is kind of you – this watercolor took a lot of time. A little tidbit, I bought my first pastels in Plauen, Germany (not too far from Hof)
    Thank you for sharing the cute mushroom girls! have a lovely week!

  11. Angie says:

    You always make me think … which way do the doors go … with the wind or against … questions for our time. I vote against the wind – much more interesting!

  12. Peabea says:

    Along with mine, I have read two other postings of poems so far shared at Pictorial Tuesday. We’ve had blustery winds all day, but I much better like the wind you describe in your poem. Ready for it to sweep in Spring.

    Peabea from Pictorial Tuesday

  13. Kelleyn says:

    We are starting to get tiny hints that spring may be around the corner as the fields are starting to boom with green though the trees haven’t gotten the message yet. I like the poem at the beginning. Have a Happy week!

  14. What a beautfiul watercolor. With a little fantasy I can see a kneeled down person in the background in stead of the rock ….
    And about your question: Do I go “with” the wind, or in an opposite stream? Depending on my health I like to change direction now and then. Choosing for the opposite steam means hard work (as you could see on my picture in Tegenwind), but it’s most of the time much more interesting and the reward for what you have achieved is often more valuable. Buth the on sunny days like today it’s so nice to rest a while with the wind in your backside … 🙂

  15. Roger Green says:

    I definitely don’t think of art as necessarily happy-go-lucky!

  16. beautiful images Jesh… and artwork as well, gorgeous

    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♪ (ABC-W-team)

  17. jesh stg says:

    You are an exception Roger! (joking)

  18. The Milk Jug would be my purchase. The white doors close I think? I love your header image with this post, and your rock and branch painting. Did you decide, is the painting finished?

  19. Norm 2.0 says:

    Another vote for the milk jug here. We always linger long and hard whenever we see one in an antiques shop. We just don’t know where we’d put it, otherwise we would have bought several by now 😀

  20. Love the watercolor and your words, Jesh. I think the door unfolds, with one fold being behind on the left side. But who knows? I’d like both bells and jug and I enjoyed the shot of what I think of as a real windmill, not those high-tech new ones! 🙂


  21. Lovely poem to begin your post, Jesh! Your painting is spot on (and I do see the light in it, too!). Great find on the doors but that shop seems to be the real prize!

  22. jesh stg says:

    The milk jug has some great possibilities! This is Amador City (funny name, because it’s a tiny town!) The white doors probably close. But I wondered if the ones with the black trim are for extra definition to attract customers?

    Haven’t decided yet if the watercolor is finished. I sometimes put paintings down in one of the bedrooms to give it some months, and then when I look at it again, I’ll probably know.

  23. jesh stg says:

    Haha, not knowing where to put it, does not deter me from buying (unfortunately, my hubby always has that question in mind!). My reply is “I can use it!”

  24. jesh stg says:

    That looks like a good possibility, Janet – had not thought about about a fold! Now, of course I “have to” go back there and ask the store owner. I only saw the black trim was a door when I enlarged the photo.
    True, these weather fans or wind mills have more the appearance of a statue!

  25. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Gordon! Some watercolors take me a long time to make it remotely what I have in mind (that’s why it’s not my main medium:):).
    Differently with poems. Sometimes just a line come into my mind, and the rest just follows.
    You are so good in seeing defining characteristics in the work of others, that you would have been an excellent teacher. Or were you, at one point?

  26. Eileen Wise says:

    Hello, your watercolor is lovely. The rose is so pretty! Love the scene with the windmill. Great photos. Enjoy your day and weekend ahead

  27. Jim says:

    Great shots.

  28. Peter B says:

    I like your painting! I can imagine it being painted in Joshua Tree, with the boulders behind a creosote branch! Beautiful windmill shot, too!

  29. I call that marinating. I do that with my images all the time!

  30. jesh stg says:

    My guess is your standard for photographic images is much higher than mine:) As long as the color is decent, am satisfied, lol:)

  31. Great photos and I love the watercolor!

  32. annie says:

    Beautiful watercolor and I enjoyed the photos too. So pretty.

  33. Jim says:

    Good shots.

  34. prior.. says:

    Hey Jesh! fun post and loved reading your insights about the artists!
    also – the cowbell would be my purchase – because guess what? we saw a band last week and they “need” a cowbell for a couple of songs they do – so I am on the hunt for them –
    anyhow, hope your weekend is going well and TTYS

  35. jesh stg says:

    Thank you, how serendipitous, Yvette:):) I have a painting weekend, because we are again snow-bound – it;s ok with me! Still have difficulty with abbreviations – please spell it out for me – thanks!

  36. prior.. says:

    okay – I will spell things out -and should anyway because those abbreviations are not always obvious!

    anyhow – hope your painting is going well

  37. Joanne Sisco says:

    Personally, I like the little sprig of tree in the first photo. It’s that gentle softening of nature against the hard edges of the rock.

    In the home of one of my nieces, all the trim and interior doors are painted black. The effect against the light walls is striking and I love it … although I would never want to be the person who decides to repaint it back to white!!

    … and yes, I would go for the cow bells too.

  38. slfinnell says:

    In quilting, agonizing over fabric choices can take much time. Still trying to decide what color to use in a sashing from a set of blocks I made last year. (eye roll) I can totally relate to artists’ choices.

  39. James says:

    I love the windmill photo!

  40. Pieni Lintu says:

    Nice shots all!

  41. jesh stg says:

    I know I’m a pain, but you forgot to tell me – what does TTYS mean? Have a great week!

  42. prior.. says:

    means: Talk to you soon

    and sorry –
    you are never a pain –
    and I first saw that (and TTYL for later) about 12 or 13 years ago and thought it was common
    and I assumed you figured it out while we were comment chatting – but now i see that in your comment you were asking for clarification :0
    – so thanks for being kind with the matter – ha!
    and no more acronyms – and I should know this because there are so many i do not know – and sometimes it is like trying to read shorthand of the 60s

  43. jesh stg says:

    Thank you – I would never have guessed it – I thought maybe it’s a kind of a blessing I don’t know of, and I don’t wanna miss it:):)
    Just don’t have any talent for guessing acronyms – even hubby is better at it than I!
    By the way – started another blog, more with issues of this day and age. because at the social media I see so much warped thinking of people who are nominal Christians. You might want to check sometime –

  44. Klara S says:

    The watercolor is amazing.

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