These are the spectaculars! Whether it is in nature, ingenious ideas, or colors or shapes. Took me a while choosing “Spectacle” because of the multitude of stunning views in Yosemite Nat. Park. The powerful crash of the sound of water, combined with the stunning rush, foam and the mist the water that Bridal … Continue reading SPECTACULAR


    The title is a variant on “building castles in the sky!” Since we were surprised with snow last week, it was not very likely I could find any peaches, but I really wanted to BBQ them for dinner with friends, and … I found “the castle” aka Quality peaches in an organic based … Continue reading PEACHES in THE SKY


Clouds rule, for they have more power! They can move the sun out of the way. They cause shady areas. They can make so much rain that little streams change into big rivers. They dull or brighten colors and textures:)   When clouds rule they are boss. They decide which places are shaded, and where … Continue reading WHEN CLOUDS RULE