Not all things of the past were good or  grand. Some of them were, and worthy to remember. Grandeur and history along the Amsterdam canals (One Word Sunday, Travel Tue, Travel Photo, Thurs, Fences)       Three Doors for Thurs. Doors     Fri Hunt: Begin with Weeks Favorite: Greens Standing in Water …………………………………. Color … Continue reading GRANDEUR of the PAST


SPRINGY One Mothers Day my son suggested we go to the Huntington Library and gardens in Pasadena, CA. After that we have kept coming back at least a few times a year. If there’s a lot to see I don’t mind walking:) Established by Henri Huntington (1850 – 1927) as an educational and research institution. … Continue reading SPRINGY STEP


My pleasures for the weekend are not necessarily parties or an expensive restaurant. The things of this post give me more satisfaction. Friday Hunt Begin with K: Knitted capelet Week’s Favorite Drink Knitted this a few years ago, but still am thinking about who to gift it to. May be my highschool grand, who’s according to her … Continue reading WEEKEND PLEASURES


This week was not able to comment on some blogs, getting the message that Amazon Web services are down. effecting internet services – sorry!   The series of images each week is that they all refer to the memes/ challenges I participate in. Mentioned all of direct links on the bottom of the post. To all the hosts, thank … Continue reading A MORNING WALK