Hello All Seasons bloggers,
This is the Sunday  of the time change in the USA.
The link this week is open from Sunday March 11 through Wednesday March 15 till 7 pm, Pacific time.
Thank you for your delightful and amazing posts! Such a pleasure to read about your Seasons!

On this end things are a little topsy turvy – not  with myself, but more with circumstances.  I’m sure that in the end there will be an amazing testimony of God’s love in store. Two of the ones I’m mentioning here is the story about Holland  and the other one about painting.




All taken in the Netherlands. No matter what Season,
the grass there is always green!

This is Hortus botanical gardens close to where my brother took us one time, in the N. of the Netherlands. My youngest brother and I are very much alike. Were both in the medical field, and like to travel, like the same music, etc.


As much as possible no politics on my blog. Except for when it effects my friends in Holland, or anywhere else.  It hardly made the international news. but heard last Tuesday that the Minister-president in the Netherlands resigned after being only 4 months in office, the day before he would have a meeting in Moscow.

Since I’ve lived in the USA for 30+ years I don’t know much about details there, but read the Netherlands has “some beef” (I would say, rightly so)  with Russia. Look it up in the Reuters report. Have learned over the years that American’s News on international matters are unreliable or slanted, as well as often the British News, so I looked it up on Bing.

This country is a kingdom, not a democracy or a republic. The minister president is the one who handles all the day to day political decisions. Although the king and queen are figureheads, they still have veto power. King Alexander appointed a temporary substitute.


Oil, 24 x 30, The Angel who gathers souls, © St Germain
You may recall that the early Christians during persecutions took on
the image of the fish to communicate with each other.

A little sketchy because it had to be finished in a few hours at the workshop I gave in Rotterdam in 2013 (Rotterdam was for the longest time the largest  harbor in the world, till another country’s harbor took its place. Several countries claim, they’re the largest:))

The second item of the upside down week was, because I didn’t get a card in the mail from my Inspiration Friend, that I would start a  9 x 7 feet  painting  this week, while still only in the beginning phases of the other one you saw last week. Aah, need 4 hands and feet!



A farm in the North of the Netherlands. You see that only the top part of the huge roof is thatched.



Have a great week everyone, and hope your SEASON is a good one:)





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26 Comments Add yours

  1. Debbie Smyth says:

    The weather is upside down indeed! I had a good walk in London yesterday, with grey clouds and rain, and then a very welcome dash of sun in the afternoon 🙂

  2. Jackie says:

    If only the grass was green all year here in Toronto! Yesterday was grey and dull but today the sun is shining.

  3. Carol says:

    I have a friend who only watches BBC news as he says US is slanted. You feel BBC news is too. whoo. Like the lovely Netherlands photos.

  4. Hello, your tulips are so pretty!
    The weather is awful in all northern Italy too…pouring rain.
    Have a nice week ahead!

  5. Angie says:

    Hopefully the lovely pictures of the Netherlands can help heal your topsy turvy feelings; the garden with the tulips proclaims SPRING in bright colors! I have never seen a partial thatched roof – interesting! Thanks for hosting All Seasons!

  6. kenschneider says:

    I think my comment was lost. Lovely folowers and interesting buildings with thatch on their roofs. Hope everyghing works out well for you and Holland!

  7. Jeanna says:

    Yes I see the top only is thatched and it looks as if the bottom is brick, very sweet looking and unusual.
    The PBS programs and public radio stations do a better job of including international news. I find that using social media to select reliable news sources and targeting areas of the world you’re interested in is helpful as well. I also have some streaming news stations on my ROKU where you can get non stop news as well as select stories you’re interested in.
    Beautiful oil painting, I bet you’re excited about starting a new one.

  8. Jeanna says:

    I was curious about the Dutch foreign minister’s meeting with Putin and his resignation not showing up anywhere since it’s pertinent to what’s happening now. The following news sources picked up the story so maybe you can check them out for reliable news: Reuters, The BBC, Politico, abcnews.go and The Financial Times popped up after a quick search. The best-known news sources have international news so maybe you can look there as well. I think being a foreign minister and not a prime minister or president makes it a less publicized story.

  9. I read a Reuters article about the Dutch minister’s resignation. I give him high marks for admitting that he lied and that he must resign to ensure that the country’s integrity is not beseeched. If only that were the case here. Sigh. On a positive note: It looks like we’re going to have several days of rain soon!

  10. betty - NZ says:

    Tulips always bring a smile! It’s interesting that the barn roof is only part thatch. I wonder if there is a reason.

  11. Loved the Thatched roof barn, and the tulips! Hope you’re getting some sun today. We are in the Bay Area. It’s lovely. Hope you have a great week as well. xx

  12. FRESH says:

    It is sad to read the news nowadays, Jesh. It seems that crazies all over the world have assumed power and they are playing power games for personal gain and nationalistic jingoism. I read news through several news sites and it’s only then that one becomes aware of slanted reporting on some of them.
    I like your Netherlands images and also love your painting – powerful image.
    Thanks for hosting.

  13. PS: No, I don’t do sewing myself but I live in a household where sewing gets done…

  14. Klara S says:

    March is always upside down!
    Lovely tulips.
    Thank you for hosting.

  15. Athens says:

    Our weather is all over the place too, Jesh – the seasons are changing, the climate is changing, we are changing…

  16. jesh stg says:

    Love the themes of the pretzel in the parade! The close up of the man with the pretzel is priceless! All your shots are cute and thoughtful as well! Please, link one of your photos to the linky list, because the ones on Blogspot don’t know what a pingback is or does:) Thanks so much and enjoy Spring!

  17. jesh stg says:

    Have trouble seeing my reply to you! did you get my comment? Please also leave a photo for the linky list -thanks so much!

  18. tgeriatrix says:

    I’m sorry, I forgot the linky list again. Just did it. And no, I didn’t see your comment.

  19. jesh stg says:

    Third try -it has to do with my other blog probably. Love the pretzel theme of the parade. The man with the pretzel is priceless! All your shots are cute as well as thoughtful! Thank you for linking up with your image. Have a great spring week!

  20. Well we have always been “upside down” here in Australia! We have had a mild summer, though I am beginning to wish it would rain. I would love to see those lush fields of tulips. I often shake my head at politics and politicians! Have a wonderful week and thank you again for the link up.

  21. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the Netherlands very much! And your tulip header makes me almost forget to scroll down to read your posts — it is so beautiful.

  22. tgeriatrix says:

    Please, read my answer to Angie, for the meaning of the tradition. Hopefully spring will come now after all this effort to get rid of the winter!

  23. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Traudel!

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