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  1. The Hague, where we went to college, and our son as well. In the  city changes  can be visible by  the architectural style and height of buildings.
    (Randomosity: the Good.,Tue Travel, Travel Photo Thurs.)



The fallen of 9-11, and the ones who lost their loved ones, and houses in the hurricanes – we remember you!



2.On our way to the Gelato store with our family (click the ALL SEASONS post for this week) in ritzy Roseville  we passed these doors. This is the  only wooden door on the block! Had no idea what “it” was, but I liked the funky icon on each side of the door. Later I looked it up, and it happened to be a Mexican restaurant!
Thurs. Doors, Weekend Reflection




FRI HUNT: Begin with K: Image 6.
Stinky: am at a loss! Stinky feet?
Old: Image 3.

3. In nature shimmering JADE greens will soon change to the bright yellow, orange, and red
(Sunday Trees, Random: the R., Makro-Tex, ABC Wed. – Jade green,
Weekend Green, Fri Hunt))
















4. Orchid in the botanical building of Balboa Park, San Diego,Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto
















5. For Friday Hunt – a summer cardigan I am Knitting. …. because I seem to have a habit of leaving things behind in restaurant, and other places.My own Design. The top stitch looks crochet, but it’s still really knitting.




6. In California we may still see good weather clouds for a long time!
Makro-Tex: September. Fences ATW, Sky Watch




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40 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol says:

    Interesting collection – love the orchid

  2. Love the orchid, too. And the interesting architecture photos.

  3. restlessjo says:

    Thanks for wandering with me, Jesh 🙂 🙂 Have another wonderful week!

  4. Martha says:

    An eclectic group of images, reflecting your varied interests.

  5. fun60 says:

    Really like that shade of green. Enjoyed your week’s selection.

  6. Tamar says:

    Some fun architecture!

  7. Glad you are seeing good weather where you are and the only puddle is an arty one – love this of the tree!
    Happy Wednesday.
    Wren x

  8. let me know if you travel to here again 😉
    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / – week!
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  9. riitta k says:

    Beautiful photos this time too. The nature catastrophs – and made by man too – are terrible.

  10. Ruth says:

    I have heard about The Hague, so, it is nice too know you studied there. Thanks for your comment about the hurricane victims. My family in Puerto Rico is doing good but they still do not have electricity or water. One of my bosses recently retired to Florida but he is also ok. #OurWorldTuesday

  11. susupetal says:

    Your cardigan is turning out beautiful!

  12. Kelleyn says:

    Like the photo of the pine tree! I would love to exlpore Belgium more. Not sure if it is going to happen this trip. So hard to when you have little children in toe. We head off in a month for Turkey in search of some warmer weather. We will be there for a week. Enjoy your week.

  13. Love the door but the puddle reflection just as much!

  14. prior.. says:

    cool doors and I like the icon too (hope the gelato was yummy)

  15. Lea says:

    A wonderful series of photos!
    I love those beautiful doors!

  16. mimi says:

    Lots of fun pictures and nice places!

  17. Peter B says:

    Lovely pine tree reflection, and I really like your skywatch shot! We’ve had some great skies in CA recently.

  18. Beautiful photos and I admire your ability to knit. Something I never did take up as a hobby. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

  19. Interesting post. I love the picture of the forest!

  20. Pieni Lintu says:

    Lovely photos all!

  21. Interesting selections today. – I really liked the Orchid, The Greens in the Forest & your Fence shot.

  22. slfinnell says:

    Easy to leave a sweater behind! Good an excuse as any to indulge in knitting for yourself!

  23. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Manja – happy you are the host this week!

  24. jesh stg says:

    Never enough gelato, especially when I know it was made that morning:)

  25. prior.. says:

    That’s fresh!

  26. jesh stg says:

    Exactly! Also, I can do it in one from what I have in my “stash!”

  27. Fun60 says:

    The reflection beckons you to try a new restaurant.

  28. We actually got rain yesterday morning. It cleaned the air. Felt so good. I like your design for your cardigan. I would’ve thought it was crochet, too. Have a wonderful weekend, Jesh.

  29. narami says:

    Lovely collection jesh! Thanks for sharing!

  30. janicead says:

    Stinky was a hard one for me, too. good variety in your photos.

  31. jesh stg says:

    Oh no! Am just reading your comment before going to bed. Hope no lives are lost? Tomorrow I’ll look at the news. Stay safe if you are around there at the moment, Jo!

  32. jesh stg says:

    Okay Jo, I shouldn’t do my blogging in the middle of the night when I’m half awake and only read certain words and skipping others:):):)

  33. Your move was a good one for you! It’s wonderful when you get more than you expected. Beautiful orchid. Thank you so much for hosting.

  34. bevbaird says:

    Wonderful photos – lots of interesting memes you participate in.

  35. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Beverly! Was reading that you are stuck in the Hobbit -same here, and I can’t figure out why – it’s such a cute story!
    By the way, wanted to comment this on your blog, but can’t find the comment section – where is it?

  36. How wonderful that all of you went to college in Hague. Love the tree photo. I love when they change to autumn colours. Your lace cardigan looks beautiful. Hope you will share a photo of the finish.


  37. scotiaspinner says:

    I’m late visiting again – too much work on my desk! Love the knitting shot – it really emphasizes the pattern work.

  38. Teresa says:

    Great set of images. Love the knitting–very beautiful! I think the orchid might be a lovely kind of stinky. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. So sorry I’m late visiting.

  39. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Teresa. Thanks for helping me out! Forgot about that some orchids don’t smell so well:):)

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