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          Hello Seasons Bloggers,
Link is open Sunday Sept 10 to Wednesday evening 7pm, Sept 13

Hope you fared well last two weeks! Thank all of you who connected with me throughout the week:):)
Fall on the Northern Hemisphere, and Spring in the Southern, is wriggling itself into our lives.

The part I personally don’t like about Fall and Winter is that the days become shorter, and temps are dropping. Am saying this tongue in cheek, because last week it was over a 100 degr. F. – so I have nothing to complain!!
Also thankful that we escaped a fire  20 min. away from us.

What I do like about the last 4 months of the year is that there are plenty of feasts, fests, exhibits, and other events. In my tribe, 9 of the 14 birthdays happen in Fall and Winter.

Like to know all about your Season and special  events!!


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Love this countries’ life style. Especially in times of crises. People go out of their way to want to contribute. It’s not always perfect, but at least they try! Like to thank the real heroes: the charities,the ones that do fundraising, the countless volunteers who no one knows of, and people that reach into their pocket when a need is presented!
Am hearing good things from people coming with boats, trucks, and other supplies to Houston, TX! Thank you! Hoping that people in Florida are prepared, or that the hurricane veers off into the sea!
Your sacrifices are like a bouquet of fragrant roses.


This Monday – the fallen ones of September 11, 2001 remembered!




No matter what the disaster or crisis is – it’s a BIG reminder to connect to loved ones as often as we can.





Do special little things with together, to be there on  special days!
Since our last vacation in Italy I switched to Gelato as my favorite cold dessert:)







“Umm, chocolate … oh butter pecan, uh no …cookies and cream … I like strawberries …”
“Are you ready, Mackenzie, otherwise I’ll choose for you … ”
“Oh no, I got it, I got it .”
(jumping up and down) “… I guess …I’m sure … chocolate is the best!”
A deep sigh comes from the young woman with the wallet.






Did an angel just made a touch down? (no edits)

What do you see in this cloud?



Your turn to share what’s happening in your world this Season!


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21 Comments Add yours

  1. Yes! To, staying in touch with family and dear friends! It’s been wonderful hearing the stories of how much everyone is pitching in and helping each other in TX. My prayers are for all those in FL now. I have family there and am worried!

    I have a lot of family birthdays in September, a couple in October, 3 in November, and 3 in December. Most of mine come in the Fall Winter too.

    I see a humming bird with its wings up in flight! What gorgeous colors are in that cloud!

  2. jesh stg says:

    Hope with all my heart your family in FL will come out of this one all right, Deborah!The Floridians are on our prayer list:) Wow, your family birthdays are all bunched up together, like ours. Yes, that could be a humming bird – a giant one! Not to make you jealous, but that’s how our sunsets are, many times. Have lovely weekend!

  3. jesh stg says:

    Reply, see below!

  4. Carol says:

    I’m prepared for the storm – as much as I can be for the massive hurricane hugging the west coast of Florida. Will lose power late today I’m sure. Trying to get a few blogs in this morning. See you next week God willing.

  5. Mascha says:

    Oh my, really an angel in the sky! And: I very like ice cream. At last we have donated blood (that we do continuous over the year) and we got a coupon for free icecream, yipiiiiiiie!
    We havent celebration in this season (not a big family), but we celebrate every warm sunny day, it could be the last, they wasn’t so much in this summer –
    Have a nice week 🙂

  6. “September – remember”, we learnt in school according to eastern part of the American continent. We follow the news on the hurricanes and can not do much else … Take care.

  7. restlessjo says:

    Love the angel, Jesh, and the image of your little girl hopping from one foot to the other deciding. 🙂 🙂 Happy September!

  8. kenschneider says:

    After just missing Hurricane Harvey which hit only 3 days after we left Corpus Christi, Irma the Monster developed and scared us enough to make us flee from our home in south Florida to be “high and dry” in Albuquerque New Mexico. Right now the eye has missed our home and is passing about 80 miles to the west. Our home is still being hit by high winds and two tornadoes touched down in neighboring towns.

  9. jMo says:

    I hope Ken makes it through it all and I’m glad those close by fires missed you J. Chocolate is often the best choice and cures anything from sluggishness to a close call with a dementor. I’m pretty interested in the salmon colored gelato to the upper right. I see a fire breathing dragon in your clouds.

  10. Lisa Isaacs says:

    I am rather like Mackenzie when it comes to choosing gelato. Glad you missed that fire.

  11. Kelleyn says:

    I had almost completely forgotten it was September 11th as I am here in Germany and there is no talk about it! Though to be honest, I am praying for our house in Georgia as Irma is coming it’s way. Have a great week! Kelleyn

  12. BEADS says:

    We have family in Houston, Jesh, but fortunately they are well and their house escaped the wrath of the wild weather. It is distressing to see the magnitude of the destruction wreaked by the hurricanes. One hopes that no more lives are lost and that people get adequate aid to rebuild their lives.
    You have some lovely photos above, as usual…

  13. Klara S says:

    I prayed for TX, and I pray for FL.I hope the damage won’t be massive….
    Thank you for hosting.

  14. jesh stg says:

    Losing power is kind of stressful – we were out of power for a few days when that big fire (Butte) raged here. That you and your loved ones may fare well, without too much damage on your house and garden!

  15. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Jo! MCenzie is at the hop-skip stage in life now:) She’s my youngest grand child.

  16. September is definitely a month for reflection. And bitter memories. But coming together isn’t one of them.

  17. jesh stg says:

    So sorry you have that you live with bitterness in your life. Hope you will find someone(s) to come together with (I mean this with all sincerity, not meant sarcastically!)

  18. bettyl - NZ says:

    It is so wonderful to see the ‘real’ America come through in a crisis. Glad you are OK, being so close to the fires.

  19. What I love about September is the beginning of spring!

  20. Alexa T says:

    Such lovely thoughts and images shared, Jesh! Hope that everything is going to be fine; it is great to see how people come through in a crisis. We have seen at Tv about recent events.
    And about the month of september, of course, a new season is coming soon; though it still looks like summer, in here and at forecast is mentioned about some cold temp or rainy days in the next period of time, (as it is usually in early autumn).
    Best regards and a lovely new september week! Alexa

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