With my oil paintings I like to get across whole concepts,
but with watercolor I crave for some Specific details. (Fri Hunt)

1) This tower in Balboa Park (San Diego) has beautiful details in Mexican building style with tiles. The big arches for the staircase and bell fry could count as door openings,
but have a regular door more below.
Can you see the stairs through the Arch? In Dutch we have a specific word for that –
(One Word Sunday: Through, Randomosity: The Good, )





© Watercolor, 6 x 9 inch, Balboa Park Quadrangle and Tower, St Germain

2) HAPPINESS IS … whenever I go out for the day, to have a 6 x 9 inch sketchbook in my purse, and a tiny field palette to start a watercolor. The secret to a good watercolor is to have a plan beforehand, so the lines and colors give a CLEAN impression
Randomosity: the fun, Makro Tex, ABC Wed.-C)





3) In the process of finishing this watercolor, also discovered the beautiful details of the window of this Quadrangle building (the top of this building is in the first image, next to the tower)
(One Word Sunday: Flag, Randomosity: the Random, Tue Treasure, )





Fri Hunt
Begin with …D – Details part of Title of this post ( 1),  Weeks favorite: Palms (6), Photographer’s Choice: Quadrangle building (3)                                                                         

4) a quick shot before buying a pound of coffee beans here in the awesome coffee and tea shop here:)
(Random- Ran, Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto)





5) Thursday Door and Reflection. Had to compromise here. When adding light (PS), the reflections were barely visible. But since the door has the same design as on the top,  I chose to darken this view.
(Thurs. Doors, Weekend Reflection)





6) A speaker who grew up in Canada recalled in his speech palms making such an impression on his grand mother of “his only wish in life” wanting to see palm trees, that she took him to a nursery. Now, in his thirties he finally saw palm trees in the landscape in California.

His story reminded me that when we live somewhere after a while, we take the landscape so for granted, that I took a few shots of palm trees.
In Holland , my country of origin, they only can grow indoors!
(Sunday Trees, Tue Texture, Nature Notes, Sky Watch, Weekend Green)



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  1. Always enjoy your photos and paintings! The Canadian friend should have flown to Vancouver where there are lots of palm trees! Most people don’t realize that our climate is much the same as San Francisco’s.

    abcw team


  2. I guess you traded windmills for palm trees!! I really love the spanish architecture at Balboa Park. We got a good look at them from the sky tram at San Diego Zoo when we took my granddaughter recently.


  3. What a nice watercolour from this famous building with tiles – well done! We in German have a word too…and I like to climb all stairs in towers and look from high above.
    Thanks for joining, enjoy your weekend


  4. Well we definitely don’t have palm trees up here in Eastern Canada. They might have some on the west coast – I’m not sure. It doesn’t get as cold there as it does here, but probably still not warm enough for palms to survive. Some people have indoor palm trees (small ones) as houseplants. Love the watercolour!


  5. I love the building and your watercolor rendition of it. You are very talented. Beautiful flowers! Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Sorry I’m so late to visit this week.


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