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Many thanks for linking all of your beautiful posts with lovely experiences! They were all so well captured and prepared!

Lisa ( the first),  Marleen (the two-next-to-last),  and Amalia,  (the last), had in  their post about something hand made. Check it out, it’s worth  your while!
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In my own  post for this week, am showing a watercolor (the post is titled  (“Details make the Difference”) Am thinking about a link up for (next to All Seasons) art in the Fall … we’ll see ….

Are you enjoying your Season? This week we finally cooled down a few degrees to the nineties! This made me move to paint on the higher levels of my painting (because it’s 10 degrees warmer than on the floor!)






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One of my favorite SIMPLE salads
Since we live in California we eat salads for a great part of the year – from May –  October at least. Usually I make the salad the main part of the meal, just adding a few potatoes, or pasta, with a fistful amount of meat or fish

Belgian Andive Salad
(Belgian andive is white and at times has some green on  top, or the fancy one they sell at Trader Joe with red and green on top of the leaves. It has a shape (somewhat)t like a flame and is about 5 inches long in the USA. In Europe it is often longer.  It also goes by the name of Chicory. Choose a sweet apple since Belgian andive is has a slightly bitter taste.

Very simple. Slice the Belgian Andive fine
mix with 2 hard boiled eggs – slice
a sweet apple, cubed

white vinegar or 1/2 teaspoon Dyon mustard
salt, pepper

As soon as the Belgian andive is cut, put the dressing on it, so it won’t turn brown, the same with the apple. In Holland Belgian andive is boiled in winter and eaten with an egg-and cheese sauce.





Even when we lived in the Los Angeles area, we liked to spend the weekend being in nature, like a park or botanical gardens or hiking in  the mountains. This interesting looking trunk in the African or Australian part of the Huntington (Botanical) Gardens.







Still in the same part of the garden –  so many cacti have  beautiful blooms




What do you like to do or see on a weekend afternoon?


Your turn to share your experience of this SEASON

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  1. all I see today is an inside view of a lot of rain in the yard. I want to try your salad – I’ve never really made a salad with endive. I’m a big salad eater.


  2. Such a beautiful and noble tree. The shape is wild and it looks like a healthy group of plant life is growing on and around it. It reminds me of a comic Shakespearean character, like a drunken Falstaff.


  3. Such a richness of fauna in LA (we can only dream about)! The salad looks so yummy and is simple enough for me, will make it. I like andives… and green beans too.
    On weekend afternoons we are normally together with my sweetheart and make a little walk through the forest or to the caste. There is a sunny wine terrace, were we like to sit and read our books, there my spend a lot of hours during the year.
    When I’m alone (he is one week every month in Berlin with his parents), I’m working in the garden or sitting with the cat in the garden chair, relaxing…


  4. Beautiful blossoms of cacti and so interesting large tree… very unusual trunk!! Also, a delicious recipe; it looks similar to seasoned potatoes salad with boiled eggs, chicken and olives. Plus the vinaigre sauce added.
    Thank you for your lovely comment and the reminder… A very nice day and week, too!


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