46 thoughts on “WHEN CLOUDS RULE”

  1. I love the oak tree, standing alone on the hill. The perfect image of a California’s hillside. As for clouds, they certainly do rule in Northern California this year.


  2. You have the ability to come up with all these great photos. Love your opening about the clouds. Have to say everything feels better (and more beautiful) when clouds are around. #OurWorldTuesday


    1. Thank you Jean! Hubs has the eye for tiny detail (the little speck of sun in the Hibiscus) I don’t have. The same with his carpentry. Don’t know how this town Giethoorn eventually “grew” this way, but it is beautiful and interesting, but also overrun with tourists.

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  3. The solitary tree with the clouds is calling to me, Jesh. I’d love to see what’s on the other side of the hill. The door is attractive and I love the “North Venice.” In Colmar, France, they have “Little Venice.” I wonder how many others there are 🙂



    1. I love the hills! The first two years we lived here, I kept the camera clicking since I knew that after a while every tree and hill would look the same to me. There’s at least a third little Venice in Europe, but can’t remember where.
      Great you could visit Yosemite with your daughter!

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  4. You cover a lot of ground in your posts (no pun – clouds – intended) but photographers are always in search of clouds! Looks like the door and “arches” are the pov of the week and you found a great one 🙂 On one of European trips we stopped in Amsterdam for a few days before heading home and we took a day tour to Markham and saw some lovely homes bounded by canals.


    1. Thank you Gordon! There are still places I haven’t seen in Holland and Marken is one of them (because I lived in the South and East, except for study in the Hague and Amsterdam), Am discovering you traveled quite a bit!


  5. Your son’s shoes are very interesting, and they look extremely comfortable. I would like to try those! The North Venice shot from the Netherlands is fascinating. I guess they do not have basements in this area, otherwise they would always be flooded. Thank you for asking about the patio – Marc was able to put the screens back into position so the damage caused by the heavy snow bending the frame is now fixed. However, the torn screens still need to be replaced. We will do that when the weather is a little warmer. There is still snow in the backyard, but not as much.


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