ALL SEASONS -More .. (April-23)

17 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS -More .. (April-23)”

  1. I like tea but especially that made from fresh Lemongrass which grows in our back yard. Well, as my post indicates, suddenly south Florida has MORE Wood Storks. Over the past 5-6 years they had practically abandoned the lower peninsula, but unexpectedly showed up this spring to breed not far from our home!


  2. It must be cool, when you see people in the streets all wearing something orange for King’s Day. It’s a nice way to celebrate. I love orange, green and blue in the first picture! Thank you for hosting.


  3. I also love bougainvillea! I wish it would grow here. I also love tulips but the deer will eat them. Happily they don’t like daffodils or iris so I have those flowers growing in my garden. Your little granddaughter is adorable. I would like to see the orange Kings Day celebration!


  4. Marvellous Bougainvillea – I haven’t luck with them in pots, our climate is to cold and one evening I always forgot to put it in the house, sigh! – – –
    I like tea, all sorts and my absolute favorite is green tead with honey.
    Have a good new week

    I see, you have a promt for each week, that’s new, right?


  5. We have a multicompartment tea chest and it’s always well stocked, Jess. One of my favourites is Oolong tea, which has a very fragrant but subtle character. On really wet and cold days I have strong blackcurrant tea with lots of warm milk.


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