30 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS- MARCH(ing) Orders”

      1. We should plan a week-end to meet there! He-Man used to compete in the Double Century Cyclist race there, but since his knee injury hasn’t been able to ride that far. He’s never really been a tourist there. I think he’d like it. Plus we can go on a doorscursion! 🙂


  1. So lovely greens in your photos!
    The carousel reminds me of the first of may in my childhood – after the demonstration to the Holiday of Working Class (well, I grew up in the GDR) we all were going to the fair and I liked the carousels… The big fair was always at the first of may in our little town, a highlight of our years!

    By the way: I’m hosting a meme for all kinds of green (in photos or all kinds of arts), opens every friday in the morning and is living until thursday.
    It is here:

    Have a good new week


  2. Great pictures. Green hills look amazing. In my city spring is coming very slowly. Temperature has gone up, but there is still cold wind and rain 😦


  3. So true that we can’t take good weather for granted! We are having high winds and snow today–a veritable blizzard right now so i am hoping I do not lose power. Thanks for hosting Seasons every week!


  4. Hey! We’re thinking of going to Solvang when we get back to California in mid-March. We have a week to travel in the area until we start heading east back home to Toronto.


  5. I’d like to go to a lot of places, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy and Norway top the list. I’d also settle for someplace with a pristine body of water and insect control. Very pretty photos, J., I would love sitting by the carousel sipping tea or spending time by the stream.


  6. Those hills near you are SO green! With the stream, that’s especially lovely and peaceful. I haven’t been to Solvang for years but I’m sure you would have fun there. I went to college in Santa Barbara and it’s still one of my go-to places to relax. I feel so at home there.


    1. We used to go to San Diego for the 4th of July, but in the last years living in Southern Cal traffic became so bad on that day, we started going to Santa Barbara. Love the downtown, and they have an awesome yarn store there:)


  7. Those hills look lovely. I have so many places I’d love to travel since I’ve visited so few 🙂 I have a few more trips that I’m in the beginning stages of planning, but still prepping and planning for Amsterdam and Paris next month.


    1. You can have your turn to travel when your kids have grown up:) How long are you going to Europe? Oh next month – April? Be sure to visit the Keukenhof (if it’s already open when you’re there) – the garden of tulips and other flowers (also the newest hybrids) – you will love it!

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