45 thoughts on “DRENCHED WITH THE GOOD”

  1. What a fun post with good advice and great pictures to illustrate it. Love that little donkey and that old west door.

    Thank you so much for hosting Seasons (I think I forgot to say that on the above post). Happy March!!!!


  2. Wonderful photos, but I can’t help loving the little house. It looks like a genuine old New Orleans shotgun house, with the rooms arranged on either side of a central hallway. It was said that a person could stand inside the front door and shoot a hole in the back door. Shotguns notwithstanding, this is still one of my favourite kinds of house.
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  3. Another set of fab photos, Jesh. As usual, I’m drawn to the lovely old shack and the sheriff’s door but that dish looked delicious. I tried following the link but couldn’t get the ‘click’ to work. Are there nuts in the recipe?


    1. Thanks for letting me know Jean. Can you try the link again? It should work now. Either way, can you let me know? If it doesn’t, I’ll add the recipe to the post. No nuts, I think what you see are mushrooms. But you could: almonds fit with almost anything:)

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  4. Love your photos today AND such wise words to go with them. We are all in charge of our own happiness, no matter how/where we live. Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!


  5. Hi, Jesh, looks like we’re heading into some warm weather for awhile. Yaay. It’s always a pleasant surprise when a bird decides to come visit indoors. The asparagus and brie looks so yummy. Maybe we’ll be lucky and the farmstand will have asparagus.


    1. Yes, I like to see the daffodils come out! How are you doing, Susie? This week I spent all my time in unpacking my paintings from our move 2 1/2 y. ago – about time, eh! It is because hubby had to build some cabinets so I could organize them.Too many paintings I have not finished, lol! Have a great weekend and hope to see you back at Seasons:):)


  6. Hello, lovely series of photos. I love the view of the ocean. The bird is a cute shot. The mela looks delicious, YUM! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


  7. Great wing shot of the European House Sparrow under your table – you caught just the right moment! That asparagus pasta sure looks tasty. I’m looking forward to spring when the local asparagus will return to the grocery store. That’s a long way off for us though.


  8. What a beautiful post! We certainly all need to take time to find the good. There really is so much around us if we look for it. Thanks for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great week!


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