Door Daniella’s Creperie  – where the Red Hat Society meets, artists display their work. Their savory and dessert crepes, salads are delicious








Fri Hunt
Begins with F: Flower (Camellia below)
Weeks Favorite: Sunset
Heart: my heart is in watercolor painting


Hubs had a crepe with corned beef and sauerkraut, and I one with
chicken, mushroom and spinach. Delicious and Excellent
too filling for lunch, so we took some home
(ABC Wednesday-E, Our Beautiful World-Yummy)





Celebrated our 45th anniversary, four days after the 45th president was inaugurated. Give me five:)
(sorry, I didn’t check what the background would be when the waiter offered to take our pic, but at least it was better than having the window, with all the light )






Fence is in the Reflection
(Fences AW, Week. Reflections)






Camellia, looking like a rose, but the bud underneath is round,
unlike that one of a rose, and the leaves of this one end in a point
( Floral Bliss, Fri Floral Foto )





The watercolor shown a few weeks ago on ALL SEASONS (bottom of post) was featured on (click)  Priorblog – Thank you much, blog friend!
Her 365 days of art Series is worth visiting, because the amazing knowledge she has about art.
(Fri Hunt)






For a Travel Photo: I haven’t done yet – on a cruise to do art.
Kampen at the Ijsselmeer in the Netherlands. Would love to paint old boats! By the way: this is not me in the photo!
On second thought I and hubby hate pre-planned travels, tours, etc. We like to travel to off-the-track destinations and unusual experiences, not the popular places.
(Tue Treasure, Tue Travel, Thurs. Travel Photo)





















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68 thoughts on “SAVORING

  1. Excellent photographs and the crepes look most Enjoyable.
    I love to be an independent traveller and have travelled to many coutries in Europe
    and Asia minor (Turkey). I have to say that Turkey is the most interesting country
    that we’ve visited. we’ve had 12 different trips there, each place unique in it’s own special
    Lovely read,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.


  2. That food looks so good. Congratulations on your 45th anniversary! What a happy thing to see, you two looked beautiful. And that art!
    Love the hair on the horse! Thanks so much for sharing your post!


      • It’s not a secret:) This was the end of the 60ties when we fell in love. But in Holland there were still racial and socio-economic prejudices (nothing new, eh??) that people from different social classes and different races couldn’t mix in marriage. My parents were not at my wedding to drive that point home -it was their loss! They and my older friends/acquaintances loosened up later:):) And as an early twenty-something I had learned to fight for what I wanted – an experience for later on:)

        Liked by 1 person

      • OH MY GOD! Classic love story! And, how sad is it that is 2017 and apparently the world hasn’t learned any better?!
        I’m all teary eyed. Sorry your parents missed your wedding – my maternal grandmother was absent from my mom’s wedding for the same reason!

        It’s beautiful to see your anniversary celebration, all these years later. May there be many more!


      • For that reason I was determined to make it to my kids’ weddings (and I did, one more to go, and wish he would hurry op, lol) even if I would not agree with their choice. Thank you Narami for wishing us well:)

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy anniversary! It’s fun to see a photo of you and your husband. My husband and I got married 43 years ago in January, and I know what you mean — it’s so close to the holiday it tends to get overlooked. Glad you celebrated!


    • You are pretty active (thinking how long you have been married, we are probably close in age). – especially that bike tour in Belgium:):) or, have you biked in the USA?


  4. I had great difficulty getting here from your comment on my recent photo, first link does not work! Unable to find the doors meme here you mentioned. Enjoyed a browse around lovely photos as always.


    • Yeah, a rather plain door, because it’s in a hall with several other restaurants! But this place has the nicest interior (which does not come out on the photo at all – they have a lot of art work on the wall). and the food is good and comfortably priced. The Italian, across the hall, start their prices with $19 and up! thanks for coming by!
      Wow, many doors in old New Delhi.Thanks for capturing them for us here. Like the brown door with the lion as door knocker. And the bluish door looks Indian to me! A lot moor skill needed than the western oblong straight door openings!


  5. First and most importantly, happy anniversary! Lunch looks delicious and makes me think it’s been too long since I made crepes. Maybe for Valentine’s Day. I enjoyed the rest of the gallery as well, but I have to head off for work, so I must cut my comments short. Happy Thursday!



    • Beautiful blue door Janet! Now I wish I were there to experience the mood of the street you described! Have to wait till the weather warms up more, to try out some of the suburbs of Sacramento during the day to have a comparable experience. Around here, even in Sacramento, streets are very quiet – no exuberant night life!
      Thank you for your congrats! These crepes are a meal, even filling enough for dinner. My, you must be very organized to be in blogland before going to work!


  6. Congratulations on your 45th wedding anniversary, Jesh. Neither of you look old enough to be married for that many years. Lovely photos you posted but the food ones have made me hungry, looks delicious. I can understand why you would love to paint old boats, they make such good subjects.


    • Thank you Jean! I promised myself we’ll do a little bit more for our 50th:) That is, if I remember in time to invite friends:) Ah, this prison post I like the most, maybe because of the doors! What I like about the old doors is that they look much sturdier, and they have character!. Of course, to make them now that way would cost a fortune:)
      Wow, the these clocks are beautiful! They make for interesting shadows on the ceiling!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Manja for your congrats! Your post was incredible with all these gorgeous doors. The green door near the end caught my attention -so unusual! An your uncle – what a trooper, to accompany you on your doors’ hunt:):) Oh, but I think my favorite is the door with the lace work on top!
      Have you noticed many European doors are narrower than the ones in the USA?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hehe, thanks, Jesh. Well, uncle didn’t mind visit Siena one bit, doors or no doors. And Italians are still mostly smaller and narrower than me, I can only imagine how it was in the past. 😀


      • True, people in the past were shorter in height – I remember at the Open air museum (which is about Dutch life in the past centuries) hubby had to bend every time he went through a door!

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Look what you’ve done now; you’ve got me searching the web for good local crepe restaurants because of the sudden craving I have 😉
    More importantly: Happy Anniversary to the wonderful couple! 45 is quite a milestone 😀


    • These in Sacramento are awesome, especially their savory crepes. Even in the Los Angeles area we looked around when living there, but couldn’t find one near as good as this one…all that to say, you may have a hard time finding it:):)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Saw you round barn from 2011! Unusual specimen and great captures.
      Thank you for the congrats! Love that you’re giving me a a comment, now at least for three weeks I believe. Hope my blog is inspiring you to get back into posting:) Have a great weekend!


  8. Congratulations on your anniversary! That is a big one. So great to know about couples that stay strong after that many years. By the way, that crepe, wow! Looks so delicious. I haven’t had a good one in a long time. #TPThursday


  9. Hello, the crepe looks delicious. Pretty shot of you and your Hubby, Happy Anniversary! Love the horse and the pretty sky shot. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


  10. Wow, 45 years congrats ! That’s something to be proud of. Nice pictures!
    The restaurant (the food) reminded me of “The Magic Pan” in South Cost Plaza. I used to love going there in the 1970’s early 80’s. Remember that place ? It closed down years ago.


  11. Happy anniversary to you and your husband. You are both wearing such lovely sweaters. Those crepes look very tasty. I also love the horse picture!


  12. What a beautiful series of images! Love the flower and horse. Your watercolor painting is beautiful. You are quite the talented artist. Thanks so much for joining in Friday’s Hunt. Have a great week!


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