1. Happy Valentine’s Week Jesh — that handmade valentine is beautiful . And what a wonderful find is that beautiful butterfly book. I’ll bet he would never have dreamed that people would still be excited about his collection centuries later!


  2. I am no longer a fan of snow and unless there’s a big shift we are getting a very early spring. That tree looks like it is determined to welcome the warmer weather. Happy Valentine’s Day to you J.


  3. Happy Valentine’s week, Jesh! I love the handmade Valentine and the 18th century book. No snow here–we are having a very strange winter. Denver broke a weather record with an 80 degree day last week!


  4. Love the heart! And the snow around the tree is awesome. I didn’t realize it snowed in California. Of course…those rare times we had snow down here, I was totally surprised. Have an awesome week my dear friend….& Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


  5. Wow! Snow in California! I’m not sure if we will have any more here or not. Some spring plants are beginning to peek their heads out. I’m concerned that another bunch of cold days will kill them off. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Week. 🙂


    1. Amy! Was just thinking about you this weekend:) My neighbor’s bulbs are starting to come above ground, so I understand your concern. Since you have kids you probably can’t get away with not celebrating Valentine’s Day, but you made my day with coming to my blog – missed our little chats!

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  6. Thank you for invitation and the lovely thoughts! I’m so sorry, but I opened a little bit late.
    Also, many thanks for letting me know about this so interesting artist. I’ve searched for her art works. I can see why, it reminds you of her style, after reading about on Wikipedia that she “painted scenes of rural life from earlier days, which she called “old-timey” New England landscapes.” The same time I found various paintings at It is a very delicate and so warm manner of painting, in impressionist style, I think.
    So, thank you, once again. I’ll try gladly to join your lovely meme, (as much as possible, if it is ok, thinking that I usually have a post just once weekly).
    Best regards and Have a lovely Valentine’s Day and week, too!


  7. What a delicate, dainty valentine! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration. I got chocolate, which I much prefer to flowers, and we took my 4 grandkids out for lunch — happy day!


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