Hello ALL SEASONS bloggers



Thank you for your beautiful and interesting posts last week! I get  a kick out of how you are doing and reading about the experiences important to you!

Really didn’t mind the snow here for a week (in California!) – the beauty makes me forget the cold:) It has long thawed everywhere else around at the lower altitudes, but we live 20 min. away from a ski resort, so that tells you how it is where I live.

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Usually they have Duck Days here (the white on the right side are swarms of ducks), but was all under water two weeks ago.






A drive by between Sacramento and Southern California with a dusting of snow



Agua Canon (the connecting trail) at 8800 feet in Bryce Canon, Utah

Forgot how much time is spent inside with weather like this. But being bored is seldom even thought of! It came to me in a sleepless night how many watercolors I had not finished. This is a photo of one of them. We were in Utah in Bryce Canon. Most often hubby hikes while I paint.






This time, I had barely made the sketch  when he came back. He had hiked downward and no one was on the trail when he heard the rattling of a snake. Since he had one arm in a sling, he thought it would be wise to go back. This one I finished, just a few hours before posting this week’s ALL SEASONS – you think it’s about done?

You all have a great week!


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27 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Isaacs says:

    Your watercolour of Bryce Canon is beautiful. Glad hubbie was okay!

  2. prior.. says:

    hey jesh – I was just looking at an article about an exhibit with unfinished art pieces – and then see your piece here – well yours looks done enough for me. I love it – and comparing it to the photo was fun.

    My fav of your watercolor had to do with the waves to the right – the lines and depth you gave us – and the rich maroon leads the eye up to that bit of yellow under the shrub…. i really like this

  3. Mascha says:

    Beautiful! A ski resort in California? That I had never thought (because they have often concerns about snow in our Harz-Montain shi resort…)
    Enjoy your sunday

  4. Carol says:

    Love your art and Bryce Canyon looks like a great place to hike

  5. prior.. says:

    hi again – is it okay if I feature your unfinished watercolor in a February blog post for my 365 days of art??

  6. kenschneider says:

    I really like your rendering of Agua Canyon. Certainly looks “finished” to me!

  7. It looks lovely, and just about done to me. Hope your week-end is going great!

  8. jMo says:

    I’ve seen a few rattlesnakes in my day but don’t remember hearing the rattle. Have yet to get a picture of one. Yes, I think it’s a lovely painting and looks finished to me. Funny about your weather, we are gearing up for another cold snap and it’s lightly snowing now. Been stuck inside so am just able to get around as it goes crazy cold again.

  9. jesh stg says:

    Ok with me, Yvette, as long as you mention my artist name (Jesh StG), btu was thinking ….don’t you want to wait till I have something with more “meaning”? Up to you:)
    Have a great week, and thank you for thinking of me! – much appreciated:) (didn’t know you still did the art – have to visit your blog more often:) )

  10. Pat says:

    I hope to visit Bryce canyon this year! Rattlesnakes are so dangerous–glad your husband turned around.

  11. bettyl - NZ says:

    Great photos from your corner of the world. I love that little dusting of snow!

  12. My Desktop says:

    Love that first photo, Jesh, and of course your painting!
    Thanks for hosting.

  13. Another great post, Jesh!

  14. Mitzi says:

    Beautiful images. I definitely would have turned around quickly if I heard the rattling of a snake….sling or no sling 😉 Have a wonderful week my friend.

  15. Your painting is lovely, Jesh. Peaceful. Your husband was wise to come back up the trail. Have a wonderful week. Weather guys predict rain on Thursday. I hope so.

  16. I am very happy about all the rain and the snow too. What a lovely painting! It’s beautiful!


  17. Snow is good because it gradually seeps into the ground. I like the watercolor.

  18. prior.. says:

    and of course I will add in Jesh StG and link your blog-
    of course on that.

    and I will look at the more meaningful posts – you always give variety – but this post actually has the angel I wanted – the unfinished look – but I also love the right hand side.
    and I am not really doing much art myself – and even if I did – I would probably not blog about it too much – (even though i am getting ready to start a spring painting…)
    but the art challenge I started is just to share something about “art” for one full year.

    long story as to how it started – two blog pals inspired it, but it was also brewing and just God led for sure.
    so I am posting daily art posts until December 5th – well to take some breaks I am utilizing some “art digests” – and that has been nice. and so this watercolor of yours is perfect for a digest idea I have….

  19. The mark of a smart hiker is knowing when to quit! Your husband was definitely smart. I love your painting. Thanks as always for hosting this fun sharing opportunity!

  20. jesh stg says:

    Okay! You’re getting me very curious now! Will yo do the art posts under a separate heading or in between your other posts? In all my haste, I probably forgot to mention to thank you for giving my art exposure:):)
    Can I call you a fan now? (:) just kidding)

  21. prior.. says:

    ell hopefully you know I have always been a fan – of your art and your blogging…. 🙂

  22. prior.. says:

    and here is my main page – the art posts will end the first week in December….

  23. You are multi-talented my friend!

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