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Thank you all for your beautiful or witty, thoughtful, and interesting posts from last week!

Please remember, if you don’t hear anything from me by Thursday (US time) , it is because my comment has not arrived, since I visit each photo thumbnail.
The internet connection at 3000 feet (approx. 1000 meters) altitude is not always strong, especially with weather conditions like rain, storm, fires. Some cell phones don’t even work here. It would help me, if you leave me a comment you haven’t received any news from me! Thank you much:)

Without fail, right after the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah all kinds of changes are happening, at least for me. This week I had a very pleasant surprise. The head of the Art Department (Mercy Warehouse Art)  where I used to paint in Southern CA (Laguna Niguel) wrote me for info on a painting she would specify as “prophetic,” for her talk on the Wednesday  Art evenings for the 30-50 artists.

© Oil, Supernatural Turn, St.Germain

For my previous job as a therapist, I was used to record the weekly sessions with my clients. I started doing the same for my paintings. After the email a mad dash to my shelf of art journals. This was a painting I painted Aug. 2009. No way would have remembered all the details involved in the process of painting “the Supernatural Turn.”
If you are doing any kind of art, journaling pays off, am just sayin’…


California coast by San Francisco. Feeling at home seeing and hearing the ocean



Until recent, Fall was just kind of like an “in-between-summer-and-winter season.” Last years it has become to me more the rich colorful, slowing down and ending in preparing for the month of December when winter starts here..

When I see pumpkins I am excited, because pumpkin pie,or pumkin cake are one of my favorites. They now also have pumkin cereal:)




Now it’s cooler, it’s more fun to browse and discover corners of the towns around Sacramento. This bike in the hall of a small indoor mall, made me smile. The owner had fastened the bike in a way, that if one would try to steal,  it would make a lot of noise, because the rack on the wall would fly off too:)



Is SOMETHING HAPPENING (good or bad, beautiful or ugly) in your neighborhood?
Share it – we like to know!



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26 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Isaacs says:

    Glad that your painting is receiving some new exposure. Those pumpkins are fabulous! Lovely colours.

  2. Mascha says:

    You’re living in 3000m high? Wow!
    It’s truly a spiritual painting (I’m thinking: should I try to paint again or not?). We had some sunny days, finally! and we were again in our most beloved monastery garden… but in next week I must go by train to a far away city and maybe I can get there an ambulant surgery and not here in our really fucking hospital? I’m dealing with some health issues at the moment, that takes my time and energy and autumn joy…
    Have a good new week 🙂

    Your comments are always visible, thanks for your visits

  3. facileetbeaugusta says:

    I love the view of the ocean. Missing it too. I wish I could live there.

  4. Kelleyn says:

    It has been a while since I have been to sacramento. Last time I was there over 30 years ago, it was kind of seedy. Has it cleaned up?

  5. Carol says:

    Your painting is intrigueing. Enjoy the cooler weather and of course the pumpkins

  6. Jackie says:

    I really like your new layout. Blogging is my journalling otherwise I would forget everything!

  7. Wonderful pumpkins….the textures and colours are works of art….lovely photo!
    Wishing you a happy week,

  8. I just realized that I look at a can of pumpkin puree and think ooo, pumpkin pie, but when I look at a pumpkin, I think that’s a lot of work to carve. lol Love your painting, Jesh.

  9. The colours of autumn or fall are gorgeous in the northern hemisphere. Not so much here in Australia. But I do love between seasons. I can see journalling is a great way to keep memories to delve into later. Have a fabulous week and thank you again for the link up.

  10. Kelleyn says:

    Thanks for all the suggestion in regards to places to travel! I will totally google all of them. My travel for the next couple of months is going to slow down since it is getting much colder here, but come March I will be back at it for sure. I am definately going to go to Holland at the end of april or early may as I want ot go to see the tulips. A big time bucket item.

  11. FEELING BLUE says:

    Beautiful painting, Jesh. Autumn is a lovely season and pumpkins are only one of its bonuses!

  12. Gettign crafty with my entry this week, Jesh 😉

  13. Great news about that lovely painting! Beautiful Autumn… thanks so much for hosting.

  14. The painting is lovely! Congrats.

  15. kenschneider says:

    That bicycle is just the right color for the season. I too liked falling asleep to the sound of the surf during several vacations on the beaches. Your painting is beautiful!

  16. I’ve re-entered my link Jesh….in too much hurry on Sunday!
    Thanks for letting me know.

  17. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Carol! To make people think about what they see is what I love to do, even more so than a quest for beauty such as landscapes and flowers.

  18. jesh stg says:

    Inmy childhood I lived in a fishing village in Holland – I guess I’ve never forgotten that! But where you live though is beautiful too:)

  19. bettyl - NZ says:

    Autumn is a season with its own beauty. Your photos are great. BTW, you forgot pumpkin cookies!!

  20. Sharon says:

    I especially love the bicycle! And the shadows on the pumpkin — that would make a nice painting!

  21. jMo says:

    Did you go to the talk? I love that painting and what an honor. I must have all things pumpkin as well and look for it year round so am in heaven right now. Yes, I did change my blog design because I was looking for something that allowed for a bigger photo after getting feedback my photos weren’t large enough. I didn’t like the ones that allowed for larger photos so went for a clean seasonal design. You were a therapist, wow that is impressive. This week I’m all about candy and The Dodgers.

  22. jMo says:

    P.S. For some reason the first time I tried to post I got an error message.

  23. jesh stg says:

    Yeah, that reminds me of you riding your bike in Europe! You did Europe the European way:):)

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