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Your beautiful and stunning posts are all appreciated!  Thank you – I really enjoy then.
If I have visited you late, it has nothing to do with your post!
Last week and this week the chapta for the comments on blogspot  keep going on “forever.”  So sometimes I give up and try again the next day!

Hope you are enjoying your vacation time, whether it’s smoldering hot or wintery cold!
This August it is at our house  ” the painter who can’t stop painting” and “the builder (hubby) who can’t stop building!” He decided to make the space underneath the deck a room for all his stuff!


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The colorful lilly pad garden  in front of the botanical building in Balboa park, San Diego.
Now I live in the area of my grands we make it a point not to forget any of the 8 presents! With the three smallest ones, we show up to bring it on their birthday:) Two of the older ones have their birthday in Aug. as well as I.





What I would like to do or see for my birthday? To see a waterfall or anything else spectacular:)

A water  fall, like Yosemite Falls –  in the midst of around 100 degrees … yes! A bear to paint though, since at most places to paint there are so many distractions from people. Earplugs won’t help because I still see their movements out of the corner of my eye.

You would not believe how many questions I get from passers-by.  Ninety percent about other things than painting!! Have you seen my friends … they left me. Is this Yosemite Falls? What’s the best way up there? How long does it take? What’s the best way to go? Where is there a bathroom?







The Wonder of a present. Her mom told me “She can do this all day…”



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17 Comments Add yours

  1. Best wishes on your birthday, Jesh ❤

  2. Carol says:

    Gorgeous waterfall – Happy Birthday!

  3. kenschneider says:

    Lovely granddaughter photo! Happy Birthday– mine is August 29– entering the third year of my ninth decade!

  4. You should totally go do the hike. Not too difficult.

  5. Happy August birthday! I amy be on vacation during your special day so I’ll send good wishes to you now. Your granddaughter is so pretty—happy birthday to her!

  6. AWAKENING says:

    Happy birthdays to all the August babies 🙂 Enjoying nature is one of the joys of life, which I think I appreciate more and more as I age.
    Thanks for hosting, Jesh.

  7. Klara S says:

    Second picture is amazing. You have very good eye. Thank you for hosting.

  8. bettyl - NZ says:

    How nice for your Hubby to make himself a place for his stuff. I bet he’d be very happy with his work! The photos are awesome and it’s cool to celebrate together 🙂

  9. jMo says:

    CAPTCHA causes problems in Blogger if you haven’t enabled third party cookies. Any changes can bring the issue up again. Anyway, an early happy birthday to you all, very funny about all the stupid questions when you’re trying to paint, I usually take a picture of the painters painting and leave them alone. Wonderful gift, I would have loved that set as a kid. I didn’t know that about “sweet” lasting the longest, that explains a lot, lol. I’ll tell that to my mother (eating the ice cream sundae) today.

  10. Mascha says:

    Sweet girl and so wonderful water lilies! Good luck for all works in your home, hope, at your birthday all will be finished.
    Oh yeah, the people are asking so many strange things, one day I stood in my exhibition and heard about anything, but not about paintings 😉

  11. Mitzi says:

    You sound like me where distractions are concerned. It’s not just about the sounds; but the movements as well. Lovely waterfall!

  12. Jael says:

    Happy Birthday. Your blog and pictures are so beatiful,

  13. Happy Birthday! I should have dedicated my latest post to you — it has (as you already know) a lot about waterfalls, so it could have been a good gift for you. Lovely portrait of your granddaughter.

  14. Happy Birthday! Great photos! Your granddaughter is a cutie!

  15. What a fab post. I love the pictures, especially of your beautiful granddaughter…

  16. Lovely photos! I avoid going to Yosemite in the summer months to avoid the crowd. Even then, the only way I can paint in Yosemite is sitting inside the car. Sad!! Very Happy Birthdays to you and the grands.


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