ALL SEASONS is about any experience you may have during the season -the beautiful, the fun, or the ugly. That means including weather, nature, and anything else. Sometimes life is hard, or if we have made a mistake why would we keep that a secret? It all belongs to the human condition, just like the fun of the seasons!

Every week ALL SEASONS is posted from Sunday 12 am – Wednesday 7 pm, Pacific time (since I live in California), and …. to link up you do NEED A BLOG.

A genuine blog, not a post from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter, etc.. The reason is my own and my families’ security and privacy. If you have questions about that, please write me by email.


A few things we hold to when you link up your photo
1. any experience in any season
2. One link for the linky list per blog
3. If you have your own challenge/meme, please do not use that particular post for ALL SEASONS (otherwise it’s considered advertising your own meme on this blog, and your link photo will be deleted)

By the way, you may grab the image above, but is not required to participate:)

Have lots of fun in linking, and if you have some time left, please visit a few of the of the other posts – it’s really worth it, because all you see in the link up is just one photo.

A word to WordPress bloggers: giving your perma link does NOT connect you to the link list. You need to press “click here” on the bottom of the Seasons post! When the new page opens up, give your perma link on the first line, fill in rest of info. Choose  “Web” or “File” (either one will do) that will show you the photo(s) on your post, click, and then you’re done:)

Life is a variety of all kinds of flowers (aka experiences)
they make up the beautiful bouquet of your life

33 Comments Add yours

  1. bettyl - NZ says:

    Wow, I’m sorry I have been breaking the ‘rules’ with more than one photo. I will miss your link up.

  2. bettyl - NZ says:

    I guess I read that wrong!

  3. jMo says:

    That’s a lovely site to see. We may have the last dregs of 50-degree weather tomorrow, but not many flowers hanging about. That’s a perfect November image.

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