Hello Season’s Bloggers,


Really enjoying your posts with all the seasonal, interesting, witty, beautiful and stunning  posts ♥♥ Also, every comment is greatly appreciated!
All of you are at such different weather circumstances – Spring is relevant to where you live (cannot believe in Scandinavia they just had snow last week)! On the other side of the globe Fall reigns, and soon it will be winter

Am kind of in a “Meh”  stage (not much to say yet – or maybe someone has a better definition of this word!),  because I just started on a HUGE painting project this week, so I have nothing to show yet …

Multi tasking in Blog Land
the following is not for you who are here weekly!!
For you who think that you do not have enough time, remember, you don’t need a separate post for ALL SEASONS. – just one image, and if a meme doesn’t specifically make it a rule, it means you can do the same for other challenges:) It’s called multi-tasking!


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Beautiful and Strong are not often combined, especially if these things look fragile. You know, looks can be deceiving: beautiful and strong Agapanthus




Weather Vane – a horse – looking strong, but also elegant.




Sails are so thin  – they look too fragile to withstand a storm, but they have brought many crews and passengers of the past home safely (Star of India in San Diego). Since my family traveled -as a 5 years old – on an ocean liner from Indonesia to Holland, I have kept that adoration for ships:)
If you like, look up Star of India in Wikipedia for the history of this sail ship.

Have a crazy fun week, you all!


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21 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – LIGHT and AIRY (May 21)

  1. You have a keen eye and make a good point about things which look fragile but are not. I’m loving the horse on the weather vane. The agapanthus does look as if a good wind could blow it all away. It must be exciting to be at the start of a painting though? All that potential.


  2. Great samples for elegance and strength!
    About works in progress better not to speak, that I’ve always used so…
    Godd luck for your project and happy sunday 🙂


  3. I love weather vanes…childhood memories of my grandparents farm….perhaps like yours of sailing ships! Between weather vane and cloud reading grandfather could forecast the weather pretty accurately. Pity they seem to have become redundant….
    Lovely photo of the sails and rigging.
    Happy memories!

    Have a great week – and thank you for hosting.


  4. Yes, I agree about the sails, Jesh and I love the way in which they change their shape and form depending on what wind is blowing. And the weathervanes give craftspeople a chance to create something beautiful, while it is still functional.


  5. Interesting words today Jesh. I think strong is beautiful! Many different definitions of strong — being there for people when you are needed is one — some of the most beautiful people I know. Being brave enough to live boldly even when you don’t feel well — brave enough not to let illness and bad days define you — that is strong! And Beautiful!.


  6. I agree with you about combining photo meme link ups, I combine up to 4 but think that’s enough for one post 🙂
    Your photos are great! We have agapanthus everywhere and it’s so gorgeous! The weathervane is so awesome–I wonder how long it has been around! We toured on a schooner last year and I fell in love with the sails and ropes and beauty of the ship on the water!


  7. That Agapanthus is stunning! Love the sails…perfect example of something that is strong even though it doesn’t seem to be. Have a Blessed week!


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