41 thoughts on “SPECTACULAR”

  1. What a delightful set of photos today, Jesh! I recognized Bridal Veil instantly, as I saw it so recently. I like the story about the dishes and everything else, but those cherries look SO good. I did see cherries advertised at one of the grocery stores this week, so hopefully soon lots of stores will have them for a good price.



  2. Hello, lovely shot of the Yosemite waterfalls and I love the view of the mountains. Pretty flowers and the cherries look delicious! Have a happy day and weekend!


  3. I’ve always been intrigued with “Dutch doors” and surprised they are not more common. Love your macro shot of the cherries! And yes, a SPECTACULAR waterfall shot!!


  4. I always love your photos…I have been slow blogging this week. Seems like I barely get my posts up and just visit in bits of time here and there.


  5. I love the thatched roof building – it would be wonderful to have such a building in my backyard for my 2 sheep! The ageratum flowers are very pretty – I used to have those in my garden. I should find some to plant here. I also love the dishes with the fruits on them – so elegant.


  6. The waterfalls definitely looks spectacular. I guess there is a change of url from what you link back and what is it now. Do check it if it happens with your pingbacks on other websites too.


  7. Loved all the shots. I am from India and recently my husband’s peer visited Yosemite. She showed him some pictures and since then, both of us have been thinking if one day we could visit the national park. That image with the mountains and clouds over them was spectacular. I loved that shadow too. A great post!


  8. The falls are absolutely beautiful! The cherries look delicious. I love the Dutch doors. I have several on my farm buildings, and they are quite nice for allowing fresh air in while not letting the livestock out too. Thank you so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!


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