ALL SEASONS – Turning another Corner …. to May!

19 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – Turning another Corner …. to May!”

  1. I’m a fan of castles, especially when it includes a turret 🙂
    Great photos! I was aware of the use of *van* in a proper name signifying nobility, but I didn’t know it wasn’t supposed to be capitalized. I too learn something new everyday!


  2. Nice place, well captured. Looks a little familiar for me in my corner of the world.
    We had a monastery here, which people demolished for their stone walls…
    Enjoy your springtime


  3. There’s something about a castle that is exiting for me!
    As for the themes, I don’t care for them since I don’t have time to search for photos that go along with them. 🙂


  4. das sind wunderschöne Bilder! zu gerne würde ich mir dieses Schloss/Burg von innen ansehen. Danke fürs hosten.
    liebe grüße


  5. Thank you for the lovely pictures and history lesson (and learning the meaning and use of van in names was most interesting). Themes don’t work for me. I only join those memes that allow me to share the pictures I would take anyway. thank you for providing this opportunity …. it is fun to see what the week has been like in other places.


  6. I love Castles & you definitely captured this one in a unique manner. I love that is peeks through the trees! Wonderful images of a variety of corners. I can’t believe that we are in another month already! My how time flies!


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