The title is a variant on “building castles in the sky!” Since we were surprised with snow last week, it was not very likely I could find any peaches, but I really wanted to BBQ them for dinner with friends, and … I found “the castle” aka Quality peaches in an organic based store!
(ABC Wed.- Q)

Peaches are “cliche” for Californians since the state is considered the fruit bowl of America! Any fruit or any flower one is “supposed to” find in California all year long.
(One Word Sunday Photo,  Randomosity: the Good, Tue Texture)






I even saw Wisteria blooming in the valley  –
on higher altitudes, the leaves have not even appeared yet!
Wisteria says Spring to me
(Floral Bliss, Makro Tex – Spring, Floral Fri Foto, Blooming Friday)








This peaceful and stunning view sold this house – the restfulness these city dwellers needed. Some other strange things we took in stride, such as things in the bath rooms as if kids lived there (Fri Hunt).


Fri Hunt: Begin with R: restful
Week’s Favorite: Wisteria



Arches and Door in Balboa Park, San Diego
Couldn’t determine whether these were faux doors to that balcony, or not
(Randomosity: the Random, Tue Treasure, Thurs. Doors)





Balboa Island, CA at sunset
(Mundane Monday, Wordless Wed.)





Sky and Exit to Los Angeles. Hard to see, but there are snowy mountains behind the misty clouds: on the right, in the middle and tiny on left
(Travel Tue, Travel Photo Thurs)




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41 Comments Add yours

  1. Tamar says:

    I am so excited for summer fruit season!

  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    I’m enthralled by the scene outside the window in the 3rd photo. It looks like a quiet oasis in the forest.

  3. jesh stg says:

    Thank you, Joanne! The right environment to think up some huge paintings:)

  4. …talk about architectural trim! WOW what a building. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Rose says:

    Oh, I so love the wisteria shot…I have wisteria but it is only just beginning to try to open. It will take a few days before any blooms are fully open. My bloom pods are only about half as long as these and as the ones my mom had..

    Love that sky shot…my daughter lived in LA for about 6 years!

    OH, peaches are my favorite fruit…I think.

  6. The “restful” scene is indeed so peaceful. I could stare out the window at those trees for hours. If that is where you live, you are lucky!

  7. lesliebc says:

    My aunt and uncle had an orchard in the Okanagan area in south-central BC and we used to visit and gorge on the peaches. Still my favourite pie a la mode and ice-cream flavour. But I’ve ever heard of barbecuing them! How? Just cut in half, remove stone and face down on the heat? Any sauce?

    abcw team

  8. jesh stg says:

    That is exactly what we did the first few weeks! Even though everyday life forces one to slow down especially in winter, I love it here.

  9. Melody62 says:

    hmmmmm jummie those peaches, eaten some yesterday but don’t know where they came from

  10. Lea says:

    That is a lot to get into one post!
    I love peaches! Pretty Wisteria, too!
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Roger Green says:

    a tasty fruit


  12. riitta k says:

    I would love to taste those fresh Californian peaches. Wouldn’t mind to have that Wisteria, too 🙂 Happy Day!

  13. Peaches – look so delicious!
    Have a wonderful day!

  14. Klara S says:

    View from the window is beautiful. I’d love to have one like that. Very pretty capture. Thank you for hosting ALL SEASONS.

  15. Those peaches look delicious and that decorative arch is magnificent, Jesh. But your view is what really got me. How lovely to have your home nestled among the trees like that.

  16. Norm 2.0 says:

    There’s nothing like biting into a freshly-picked peach. Hmm…and now I’m suddenly hungry again 😉

  17. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Jean! Aside from all the stresses during my training, the USA literally has gone far beyond my dreams. I feel very blessed:)

  18. Michelle says:

    LOVE seeing the Wisteria. So beautiful. Wish I had some here at the farmette. Thanks for linking up today!

  19. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Joanne! This is actually one third of the view. At the time, that was all we needed after a few decades of seeing cars passing by, or curious onlookers.

  20. Jim says:

    Beautiful shots again.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  21. Sabrina says:

    How neat. And how do you bbq peaches?? Sounds delish!

  22. James says:

    Nice shots! Now I’m really homesick! 🙂

  23. jesh stg says:

    When I BBQ salmon ( (brush with olive oil, rice vinegar, and thyme on it) with red onions, I add the peaches last. (the onions actually take the longest) That’s all!

  24. Debbie Smyth says:

    Oh, I love peaches! So very happy to see that feature as a cliche
    I also liked your wisteria shot – it is Spring for me too

  25. jesh stg says:

    Was on my way to your Thurs. Door post, and saw your post about spam … and fished you among 10 others out of my spam folder. I already thought it was odd to receive 3 likes from you, but not a comment…Sorry this is happening to you – keeping fingers crossed for next week!

  26. jazzytower says:

    Your wisteria shot reminds me I saw one a few blocks away and promised to go back for pictures. Will do that tomorrow:) Just love the rambling look of it.

  27. jazzytower says:

    I am still trying to find a decent peach. The last two times when I got home and opened them the insides was hard and brown. Next try I’m opening it at the store…

  28. Goes to show you nothing is fair in this world; you got fresh organic peaches and Norm got spam! In Hawaii, the Spam capital of the world, Norm would be the winner if it wasn’t that kind of spam! Nice ornamental work adorning the arch and “alternative fact” door. 🙂

  29. Ruth says:

    Grilled peaches? I have never had those. I am sure they taste delicious. I have tried grilled pineapple and it tastes so good! #TPThursday

  30. jesh stg says:

    Thanks for getting back, Ruth. Your post about Budapest, wanted me me to a do-over for that city! Somehow all the East block countries looked so grim under communism, and took away their cultural identity. Am happy for them they are free now!
    Grilled pineapple with chicken – yum! It’s comparable. The grilling brings out the sweetness of the fruit. Believe it or not, I had the recipe from a (non-food) blog!

  31. jesh stg says:

    That whole spam thing -I feel for Norm, because he has so many people to contact and comment to – now I have my own challenge (All Sasons) , I know that part takes most time, not prepping the post). Never related Hawaii with Spam (you meant the meat?)
    The arch is in Balboa Park in San Diego:)

  32. jesh stg says:

    Ugh, I hate when the fruit is bad inside! Maybe you should do that (opening it at the store)! Have a lovely weekend!

  33. Ah…sunshine, flowers and fruit…I am hoping to get past the cold and rain here to enjoy those myself……Michelle

  34. Anni says:

    Oh yes, Wisteria is lovely and true spring – although mine will not blossom for about three weeks or even more this strange spring. Today I have bare feet and sandals, tomorrow I will need my boots again …

  35. Molly says:

    I love all the summer fruits too


  36. scotiaspinner says:

    Those peaches look delicious. It will be late July or early August before the Ontario peaches finally show up in the stores here, but while they are fresh, they are soooooo good! Love the shot of the boat, too! And the wisteria, which makes me think of my grandparents.

  37. Teresa says:

    The peaches look delicious! I sadly lost my peach tree in a storm last year. Love the old architecture. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week.

  38. I love wisteria although it doesn’t grow in our warm climate in the north of Australia. I loved the view through your window too! We recently sold our house as we are retired and shifted to a beach destination. Our bedrooms hadn’t seen kids for ten years, but we decorated one as a fun kids room and it did help to sell the house. Our daughter complained that her room was never that nice lol.

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