31 thoughts on “SUCCESS AFTER ALL”

  1. I don’t know quite where to begin….the header shot. It is a gorgeous view. Are they just growing wild? Oh, I LOVE your watercolor….and that is a great looking couple!


  2. Oh, so many photos here! That Dutch orange always brings to my mind crowds in football games, I love football and orange is one of my favorite colors.
    That water color is beautiful, I like those blue mountains and that sweet house.
    Thanks for you comment in my blog!


  3. Interesting quote – helps to better put things into perspective methinks!

    I love the white wedding door. 🙂

    I like your format here of incorporating a number of challenge photos – I recognized a few of the challenges, ones I’ve also participated in!


  4. The first thing about your post was of course was your header which struck me as spectacular and so I appreciate the story behind it. And I admire your courage at the quiet wedding at getting a photo at all. And a good one may I add. Your skywatch photo is spectacular!!

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    1. When clicking on your name I got a gravatar, so my guess is you wrote this from wordpress (?)
      Thank you for all the compliments! This was one of the most unusual weddings I have ever been too (not the clothing, but everything else:) )


  5. Hello Jesh…Lovely couple and I am sure the tea ceremony was interesting. I didn’t know about King’s Day. I would have a problem finding something orange to wear in my closet..Love your art work as always…Thank you for your lovely and supportive comments friend…Michelle


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