1. Love your flowering Manzanita tree! Spring is being fickle here–warm one day–snow showers the next. I like all the moisture however as it will make the hills green.


  2. Spring is coming! Still cold here 😦 (Kolobrzeg, Poland) Photo #1 ósmy favourite. Also I’m sorry, guys, I have ‘linky tools’ image instead of my post photo. It might be confusing. It’s because I link posts from my mobile and when I want to click’crop from the web page’ screen rolls down and I click on ‘linky tools’ image. Today I did it second time. I do apologise for this. I will be more careful next time. Have a wonderful spring week! Klara


  3. Spring is lovely, Jesh, but Autumn has a special charm for me. As the weather gets colder and the days shorter, it is good to step inside and get a fire going and relax in the mellowness.
    Thanks for hosting!


  4. are those cute buds blooming hearts? Kind of look like maybe? April….showers a plenty…at least it has definitely begun this way so far. I’m traveling to TX at the end of the week…so I should have some new images to share in the coming weeks 😉 Have a wonderful week dear friend.


  5. You mentioned my Seagulls photo on my blog so I posted a link to it now. Because we’re nearly a day ahead of you, I had already posted a new photo by the time your Seasons meme opened. So when I posted a link, I mistakenly chose the latest photo. All good now. Hope you appreciate the Autumn garden in front of the church too. 🙂


  6. So interesting blooms and also, Manzanita tree; I’ve never seen before… And the reminders are lovely!
    Best regards and a very wonderful Spring in April!


    1. Thank you Amy, I was so surprise about the blooms (all kinds blooms are coming up this spring I haven’t seen last year – because the drought is over in California:)
      Don’t know how long you are going to be in Amsterdam, but I hope you can go the “The Keukenhof” in Lisse to see the tulips (by buss, I don’t know by train). But if you want to stay in Amsterdam, the house of Rembrandt or Anne Frank, and the boat ride is certainly worth it, because you see so many building styles to keep your camera clicking.
      Hope you have an awesome time, and Paris – so many places – let me know if you have some last minute questions:)

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