33 thoughts on “GRANDEUR of the PAST”

  1. I just love the photo of the greens in the little canal – so vibrant and joyful. The colour green is definitely something I’ve been missing lately. I will most likely see the bare ground by the middle of April, in some places, and maybe some bulbs will come up in early May. As for the spinning wheel question you left for me – I started with a Louet wheel from the Netherlands, which I purchased on eBay. I still have it – it has been with me almost 10 years now! Since then I tried an Ashworth Traveller wheel, but it wasn’t right for me. I also have a Schacht Matchless, which is the wheel I use the most. If you do decide to try spinning, I recommend finding a local spinning group or guild where you could try some different wheels before deciding. I prefer a double treadle wheel, and also I prefer castle style to Saxony style, but everybody is different. I started with a drop spindle to learn how to spin, but quickly took to the wheel after learning the basics on the spindle.


  2. Green the color of hope! My favorite color.

    That building is grand and lovely.

    The necklace before I knew it was a necklace looked like the stars of some constellation in a dark night’s sky as I scrolled down to view the whole image, but found it wasn’t a constellation but necklace! Neat chiaroscuro lighting on it Jesh.


  3. All are gorgeous photos. As a nature lover I love best the waterlilies and greens in the pond. Thank you for linking – happy day!


    1. All these houses along the canals were once owned by rich 16-17th century merchants, who lived there for convenience, so the products that came by ships (many times from the East Indies), were unloaded right in front of their house and stored in their house.
      Will come back later to visit your doors!

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    1. Thank you Jean! That one is in San Diego, Balboa Park (which goes way beyond a park – these lilies are in front of a botanical building, artist shops, musea, science building and restaurants – it;s like a little village in itself).
      For you in Europe, Amsterdam is a short trip:)

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  4. You shared a lovely series of images with us. I absolutely love the ‘grand ole’ architecture of the past, it has such personality, I think. The green growing in the canal is really pretty. The black on black necklace shot is really clever.


      1. Because of the outcry about other ethnic groups suffering (and they have), the Germans who suffered went unnoticed, which is sad. We have some German friends in South of Germany, so we heard the stories:(


  5. Love your Grandeur and history along the Amsterdam canals. I’d love to return to Amsterdam one day. A canal boat trip would be an excellent way to explore. I’ll have to look into that!


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