Hello SEASONS bloggers, at the end of March,       how are you?
the link is as always open SUNDAY (March 26) through WEDNESDAY (March29)  till 7 pm.

Wow, everyone linked up right away, last week! Fun to see all these early signs of spring and autumn – as well as every kind of weather and experiences.
THANK YOU, amazing and lovely people!
Hope you are visiting each other, otherwise you’ll miss some very interesting facts, like where Dracula really comes from – Romania:)




People and animals are more than ready for Spring, only nature gives a confused picture. At some places it looks really spring time.





In the same vicinity spring seems to be hesitant, waffling between winter and … uh…uh …Spring? Really?
Maybe that’s why I have difficulty choosing between am iced drink or a hot coffee!




It seems (for me) the year of finishing long overdue projects and second chances. Something a little crazy this week. I had this summer sweater I only needed to finish some seams, When I put it on, I really did not like the shape and the undefined blob of colors …but the yarn was too expensive not to use it …

so I ripped out the whole sweater!  This is my second chance:) Showing you it is not crocheted, but knitted on a round needle. I love that the colors in this open stitch make a defined pattern. The top will be in the Stockinette Stitch.


Give yourself a SECOND chance

Your turn:)

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26 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – A HESITANT SPRING (March 26)

  1. I like the geographic pattern in the revised version of the sweater. Assuming that the yarn itself is multicolored, it seems to be nearly impossible to control the pattern without cutting and splicing the strands. Maybe the answer lies in planning out the length of each run of stitches— obviously higher than my pay grade!


  2. Spring is definitely changeable! Your knitting looks perfect. I hope your second chance comes out to your liking Jeanette. The colors of the yarn are pretty!


  3. We are only having iced drinks here. Tomorrow it is going to be 85 and I have no a/c which will be another blog post for Thursday. Suffice it to say I am not too pleased at the moment.


  4. As you greet Spring, we of the Southern Hemisphere welcome Autumn. But the two seasons share a lot, with some lovely weather and some joyful finds in nature and the gardens.
    Thanks for hosting, Jesh!


  5. Second chances are definitely fruitful in many cases, Jesh. And sometimes nowadays, you can surprise people by giving them a second chance. We have become too much of a “one-strike-and-you’re-out” society, I think.


  6. Hi Jesh, thank you so much for the visit. It has been a while since I popped in but I have enjoyed catching up. Your photos are as always truly lovely. Yes I am ready for Spring. The wool you are using is a delightful color. I shall be answering your comment on my blog as soon as I get more computer time. It is published now. Enjoy the rest of your week.


  7. Looks like spring is on the way! The trees are green. We visited the mountains 2 weeks ago expecting to see blooms but we were too early. Hurry up, spring!


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