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Hello ALL SEASONS bloggers,
Sunday March 12 – Wednesday March 15, 7 pm Pacific time

The experiences you all shared last week were a delight! And each so different! Loved reading all of your posts. Hope you are doing well?

Today is daylight savings in the USA, and coming Friday is St Patrick’s Day! Have a happy one:) A great opportunity to show greens:)



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Last year this view was taken in January on a dark stormy day. So these greens have a muted quality. In past years these hills have started yellowing by this time. This year it still looks a fresh green, because of all the rain and snow we have had last two months.




The Mexican Coral Tree stands by the entrance of one of the buildings of the Huntington Library Gardens we frequently visit.  The flowers of this tree bloom before the leaves appear.



These are the basic greens I regularly use in my paintings and mix with aureolin (light lemon yellow), yellow ochre, burnt sienna, van Dyke brown or Payne grey.

From left to right: green gold, sap green, Veridian, Hooker’s Green and Olive Green shown in watercolors on the chart.
Somehow it seems easier with oil paint to get more of a variety of greens when mixing it with other colors.

I don’t have every tube of green the store has. As a painter you want your personal use of colors to stand out (instead of a mix made by the painting companies:) ). For example, I always use a darker red (as in the image of the flower above), never an orangy kind of red, because (to me) it conflicts with so many other colors.



Watercolor, 30 x 22 inch, The Impossible Tree, ©St Germain
At the parking place of the Psychological Center where I used to work, I noticed the same tree , for it had the same flowers as at the Huntington!

It took me a few years to even notice this tree because there were always cars standing in front of it. This tree shows my tendency to take on “impossible” (read: long) projects. It took three photos to get all the details of this whole tree.

The blurry “look” of the leaves one achieves by spraying the paper with water, before the greens are painted on. (Use paper in the 300-400 series, or at least 150 lb).  After my cold pressed Arches paper dried up, I put the trunk and the flowers on. Voila. done!


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26 Comments Add yours

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Amazing work. I appreciate the explanations.

  2. Mascha says:

    Green trees in january?!? Seems like the paradise for me…
    The coral tree is a miracle, such a color splash! Some trees are blooming before the leaves coming out – I have two mangnolias in my garden.
    Beautiful watercolor and: I know all the color names. As I still painted, I had prefer acrylic colors, they are faster dry, I alway would finish my painting at the same day, because on the next day I had the next isnpiration… That was a long time ago, I’ve unlearned to paint since 20 years.
    Please, link up your lovely post with my Weekend Green – I haven’t the rule, that linkups don’t go
    Have a good new week

  3. jesh stg says:

    Was planning to write to see if you were okay, since you are one the most faithful participants … all good with you?

  4. all good with me here, just got back from the Philippines visiting my mother. Nice to be back here in Munich. cheers, Jesh 🙂

  5. Mascha says:

    Your linkup is still not open, I cannot be longer online now…Will link up my post atr afternoon.

  6. facileetbeaugusta says:

    great color. bei uns ist es leider noch nicht allzu gruen, aer das wird hoffentlich noch werden 🙂
    hab ein schönes Wochenende

  7. Carol says:

    I’ve never seen the coral tree before and I like the bloom.

  8. jesh stg says:

    Hi Debbie, the link of ALL SEASONS works now – have a great Sunday!

  9. What a lovely tree! I’m glad the cars left a space for you see it in its glory, and then paint it.

    I like your selection of greens. Those would be my favorites too. I have 4 of those in my watercolor favorites.

  10. tgeriatrix says:

    I love your tree!

  11. Thank you for the painting lesson! (I don’t paint, but it was very interesting learning about how you mix colors and create the blurred effect.). The tree certainly is impossibly amazing. Thank you for hosting.

  12. Pat says:

    The coral tree is new to me–that is a very pretty flower/cone that it has. I also love your watercolor of the unusual tree that was near your office. I will be wearing green for St Patrick’s Day as half my heritage is Irish. Always a nice holiday to celebrate. Thanks for hosting every week!

  13. bettyl - NZ says:

    What a great scene for the middle of winter (I assume). I see a lot of green in the winter and it gives me a boost when the temperatures get low. I love your coral plant–out Naked Ladies bloom before the leaves appear, too.
    It’s fascinating how many colors of green there are! Your painting is just wonderful! I love the technique you used.

  14. Music says:

    Lovely painting, Jesh! Do you use acrylics at all in your painting?

  15. Jackie says:

    Great painting. Your greens are some of my favourites.

  16. My Desktop says:

    Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  17. Mitzi says:

    Oh my…love that tree! Beautiful painting!

  18. Abrianna says:

    Can’t believe I did not comment…. I like that tree-both the photograph and the painting. Great subject for both.

  19. Klata S says:

    Beautiful painting and pictures. Have a lovely week.

  20. Great photos and a great painting!
    I wish I could paint. Heck, I wish I could even draw decently!

  21. I like your impossible tree!

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