26 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – THE COLOR OF ST PATRICK’s Day”

  1. Green trees in january?!? Seems like the paradise for me…
    The coral tree is a miracle, such a color splash! Some trees are blooming before the leaves coming out – I have two mangnolias in my garden.
    Beautiful watercolor and: I know all the color names. As I still painted, I had prefer acrylic colors, they are faster dry, I alway would finish my painting at the same day, because on the next day I had the next isnpiration… That was a long time ago, I’ve unlearned to paint since 20 years.
    Please, link up your lovely post with my Weekend Green – I haven’t the rule, that linkups don’t go
    Have a good new week


  2. great color. bei uns ist es leider noch nicht allzu gruen, aer das wird hoffentlich noch werden 🙂
    hab ein schönes Wochenende


  3. What a lovely tree! I’m glad the cars left a space for you see it in its glory, and then paint it.

    I like your selection of greens. Those would be my favorites too. I have 4 of those in my watercolor favorites.


  4. The coral tree is new to me–that is a very pretty flower/cone that it has. I also love your watercolor of the unusual tree that was near your office. I will be wearing green for St Patrick’s Day as half my heritage is Irish. Always a nice holiday to celebrate. Thanks for hosting every week!


  5. What a great scene for the middle of winter (I assume). I see a lot of green in the winter and it gives me a boost when the temperatures get low. I love your coral plant–out Naked Ladies bloom before the leaves appear, too.
    It’s fascinating how many colors of green there are! Your painting is just wonderful! I love the technique you used.


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