31 thoughts on “BROKEN AND BEAUTIFUL”

    1. Thank you Debbie! The broken bridge symbolizes the broken communication in the USA at this moment – we have to rebuild that bridge of trust – and it’s a looong bridge…
      Looking at the light fall, this is probably one Hubs took:)


  1. I agree. Your husband did a great job. What a blessing to have someone so handy. 🙂 Love the painting! You’re handy in a very different way (although you may be handy in his way as well, for all I know.)



    1. Your comment about hubby being handy reminds me of the doumbfounded -ness of our girls after they got married that not every man/husband is like their dad:):)
      Me building …eh no …you need calluses on your fireproof hands for that, otherwise you’re in pain all the time, lol!
      Gotto go to to my appointment, but after that, I’ll look at your post:)


      1. My husband is, on the other hand, (so to speak), excessively handy with almost all things IT, so that’s a huge plus. The downside is that he’s so far above me that often we have trouble communicating at my level. 🙂 He’s not completely un-handy at all, but it’s just not his thing.


      2. So your hubby is an IT guy – I feel your “pain!” Have something similar with my son, because he was before in web design. Once we have figured out what I need to know, he gives me the principles though, so I can do it on my own. It takes a lot of time and energy, being on different levels:)

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    1. Thank you Jean!
      Glad I took a risk with the palette knife instead of a brush – which gives it the sombre and foreboding mood. I didn’t include it in the post, because it would be too “heavy” for some (I know you could take it:), but the bridge points to the broken communication and hateful attitude here in the USA between the (also political) some people and parties.If St. Patrick could use his deplorable circumstances in his life for a beautiful turn around, so we should be able to do that here in the the USA.
      You have a great St Patrick’s day too:)

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