It’s still winter, but the green hills around here look like spring. That is, if not looking at the trees which still show their bare branches. But … I need some sun! Now especially, since today (Friday) it hailed.

only-in-morn-n-night_1883Open at breakfast and dinner – Lucca, Italy. An hour W. from Firenze (Florence) where we spent a week, a few years ago, after the workshops and art shows in Holland.
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Wished we already were here
but patience my heart
this is not where we are at yet ….



Fri Hunt: Begin with Half Shadow
Weekly Fave: Sky
Shadow (below)


A flower like feathers  (Balboa Park) – half in the shadow
Floral Bliss, Floral Fri  Foto, Fri Hunt- Half Shadow)





Foggy San Francisco coastline, but beautiful
only adjusted the balance in PS – not more!
(Weekend Reflection)







On my way to the store. Have no idea why they build these short fences of rock




Egrets also like sun-bathing
Tue Texture, Nature Notes, Sat. critters, Camera Critters






Magnificent views of the horizon with Glorious GRAY and white clouds
you hardly get to see in the city

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40 thoughts on “WARMTH OF THE SUN

  1. Nice egret and horizon and flower photos. You’re going to Italy? Lucky! Maybe the stone fences have something to do with drainage. I was hoping to see some egrets and herons today but we did see more eagles than you could believe. They were everywhere.


  2. I stayed a few minutes contemplating the reflexions shots, it’s so lovely, and I think it counts as today’s meditation time 🙂 That fluffily egret looks like he’s having a fun time! Thanks for sharing your images with us, and have a great rest of the week!


    • Thank you Mitzi:) Am still reveling in the views I was not able to get in the city – and I LOVE the horizon, to the point that I have to restrain myself to leave it out of my paintings:)
      Have a lovely weekend!


  3. The cloud photo is stunning! And I like the little rock fence against the green land — though I agree that I have no idea what it’s purpose is! What a lovely collection of photos.


  4. Hello, lovely images and post. I love the coastline and the pretty sky. Great capture of the Egret.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


  5. Beautiful pictures as always – I especially like the egret. I also like that flower – did it smell lovely? Thank you for your comment on my blog – we will have to wait until the snow is mostly gone to assess the extent of the damage on the sun porch, but Marc thinks he will be able to fix it himself. We had a couple of days above freezing this week so a bit of the snow melted. It will be a couple of months yet, and more snow will certainly be coming before it all goes, but we hope it will still be repairable.


  6. We have so many trees and flowers blooming here. Everyone is worried that if we get another freeze it will kill quite a few. I’m not sure if we’re are heading into early spring or if it will get cold again. We keep having 20+degree weather swings every few days.


  7. Beautiful series of images. We are quite cloudy too. I agree the sun would be nice to have make an appearance. My favorite this week is your flower in the half shadow. Thanks for participating in Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!


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