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Hello ALL SEASONS bloggers – a Happy Birthday to You,

Thank you for taking time to post to ALL SEASONS with all of your beautiful posts this last year and reading about all of your experiences in the seasons!

ALL SEASONS was started the end of February 2016!  All of your posts represents this one year celebration!


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It was mostly smooth sailing as well as fun!
Asked hubby if this photo was not too “busy” – he said “No” -so am counting on it:)












And prepping the ALL SEASONS was a cake walk!
With much more ease and confidence than when I went on a boots hunt because it was much colder and rainier in Holland than I expected in May while giving workshops and art shows there.
Loved these – easy to step in. After much hemming and hawing because of the price, I make my decision …
but sis in law was already sliding her card while I walked up to the cash register. Thankful!
Never thought I would wear these boots a few times a week going outside this winter when the drought was over in California (yay), and have had rain more on than off and lots of floods last few weeks.




Now that would be a long walk…


The first winter doing this challenge/meme brings me to let go of the rule it has to be an experience of that particular season.

I realize for some who have long winters and are home bound it may be too hard to have an image every week.
Everyone okay with that?



Your Turn … and going into the second year!



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13 Comments Add yours

  1. No, that image with the tall ship isn’t too busy!

    What brand are those boots? They look comfy.

  2. jesh stg says:

    Thank you Deborah! In Europe brands are not as important as here in the USA. I think these are Italian shoes, but have no idea what brand:) Sorry!

  3. Mascha says:

    Congrats to the aniversary (I always forgot my blogoversary – ). Comfortable shoes are rare worth gold, not only the prize in the shop…
    Have a nice sunday

  4. I think I have finally found your blog link-up! Lovely spot you have made for us to get together. I really like your photos! When I click to return to your blog I just get the linky ads, you may need to put your blog address in there or something or it could be just me as I am a blogspot. Have a great week!

  5. handmade by amalia says:

    Congrats! You’ve created something really special here in the past year.

  6. Lisa Isaacs says:

    How kind of your sister in law! Love of the photo of the trees on the hill. Thank you for creating SEASONS and allowing us the opportunity to share our blog posts.

  7. After Rain says:

    Happy Anniversary, Jesh! Here’s to many more…
    Thanks for hosting.

  8. My Desktop says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for hosting.

  9. Pat says:

    Happy blog meme anniversary, Jesh! I can’t believe it is already one year that you have been hosting” All Seasons” I know that even in winter I am able to get out and take photos here, but I’m sure some might want to pats memories form other seasons so that would be good too. It is fun to link up and see other’s posts–thanks for hosting!
    PS: Your new boots look soft and warm. Perfect for cooler weather!

  10. I love the fishing boat — and it’s a great picture. Thank you so much for providing this lovely sharing opportunity every week; happy anniversary (anniversary celebrations are always fun!) !! I’m glad the drought finally broke for CA — just hope the rain isn’t going to get too much to the other extreme.

  11. mpuppal says:

    Thanks for such a lovely blog. Congrats for completing one year of wonderful experiences in the blogosphere. Great pictures all,specially the elegant looking pair of boots!

  12. Linja says:

    Congrats on doing this a full year. Keep up the good work.

  13. bettyl - NZ says:

    So glad I didn’t miss your anniversary of this meme! Congrats on the milestone. Here’s to many more. *clink*

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