For you who celebrate it – A Happy Valentine’s Day


Love seeing Frivolous things in bloom and tickled pink!
Usually don’t sign the flowers I post, but did, because I also made a painting of this one.
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A rather simple door, but love the nice trimmings and sage Green walls in Sutter Creek
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For a Travel photo this week I chose the monument of The Dam in Amsterdam. The ones who were around in the 60-70ties know that in the Netherlands this was the place where the hippie movement and political dissenters gathered.

At that time I was young, saw things from one side and loved to philosophize. Now I say, talk is cheap. If you want to change the world, start with your own:)

Can only say this, because I did both. How? Got my doc in Clinical Psy. and have heard several times that they are the person they are, because of the sessions with me. Have learned there are many sides to a problem, individual and world problems.

We can only go toward a solution by unity – laying aside some of our own opinions. Not by division – trying to convince others that we are right.
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Fri Hunt: Begin with: G
Weeks Favorite: Reflection of dead tree trunk
Pink: Tiger Lilly


Love of transformation
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  © Oil, 24 x 36 inch, StGermain Open the Gate

It was a real moment in time when I saw this woman in a red coat from my kitchen window open the gate. To me it was a gesture of opening the way to a new freedom. To read more, press on CLICK. This is my Art Notes website, so by all means, peruse the posts and have a good time. Enjoy!

The last half year women have been stepping up to the plate on every level. I could not be more happy and hope, you handle your new freedom and new level of favor with people with integrity and grace.

Wishing for all of you at Valentine’s Day
* When you’re hanging by a thread, do not let go (of your dreams).
*With faith, words can turn into  roads
* the year of action: unlock the gate. Heaven will help you.







Love trees! They’ re beautiful even after they died
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52 thoughts on “LOVE EVERY DAY

  1. That friend stayed calm long enough for a very sharp pic, so pretty! Love the ‘Open the Gate’ art, beautiful! The dead tree photo also caught my eye, now someone has to move that eh.
    Thanks for sharing your part of the world with me jesh!


  2. Really liked the “year of action: unlock the gate” message. I think it applies to all of us in one way or another. There are so many ways in which I want to unlock the gate. Hope I can work one thing after the other.


  3. Although I like all the photos and love your painting, your words are what resonate with me today, both about changing your life and about simply getting along. As I think of it, we need to be able to agree to disagree with civility…and then continue our dialogue in a loving, or at least hate-free way, while seeking for common ground and solutions, rather than making divisions large and impossible to bridge.



  4. Fabulous trim and colour around that door, Jesh. I’m torn between painting our house that pale sage colour with charcoal door and windows or red door and windows and pale linen coloured walls. I’ve plenty of time to decide though, seeing as we haven’t even got the wiring or plumbing sorted yet. Your painting is beautiful, so vivid. I love that patchwork effect you did on the rock.


    • Thank you Jean! I thought you liked red doors? Wiring and plumbing can be those sneaky little details that take a lot of time and planning! As it did with the building of the studio, like digging trenches (oh, back breaking work) – am not envying your hubby.
      The camping stoves are a great idea for cooking when electricity fails. But living for 3 decades in California have made us wimps, so we have to find a solution for the cold in the winter in the mountains. The woodstove only heats the living room and kitchen when it’s below zero weather. Some people here have a generator (expensive!).
      Thank you for the kind comments on the painting. It’s funny I left that painting in disgust several years ago, because I couldn’t solve the painting problems. When Valentine’s Day came on the horizon, I thought to look it up again in my stash of unfinished ones, and to my joy all the changes worked out well enough I could post it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • The patchwork effect is seen more in my earlier paintings (although you’ll find it more or less an most of my newer ones too). By the way, I forgot to add one sentence to the text which I will do now, that has to do with the sky. You see something?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks to you both! Your daughter has it:):) Except it’s not meant as a hood, but an angel with wavy hair. Am noticing my question became a family affair (smile)! In these kinds of paintings I leave little clues about the meaning. In this one, because many women have low self esteem (especially in the USA!) and feel insignificant, thinking they can’t make a huge change, the towering angel is the help heaven provides.
        Have a great weekend!
        I am staying inside because there’s a fierce wind and the 60-80 feet high trees are dangerously swaying back and forth:)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, Megan is the artist in the family, she’s putting her portfolio together as I type because she has an interview next week for one of the colleges she’s chosen for the next stage in her art education. Funny it should be an angel as she has an angel in one of her paintings, too, and that image has to do with acceptance and inclusion.


      • Did Megan post it somewhere – I’ld like to see it:) At convenient time, I don’t want to distract her. Oh yeah, which medium did she paint the angel? When you say “the next stage” what does that mean?

        Liked by 1 person

      • She hasn’t posted anything, Jesh. It’s her portfolio for her level 5 art craft and design course. The next stage is for an undergratuate for a degree – BA in fine art, four years in college. When her academic year is over she’ll probably sort out an online platform to put her work on, she’ll have more time then. She painted the angel on canvas with acrylic.


      • Success to her! My impression is that the art education in Europe is much better (more challenging -in a good way). Am saying that because I have my guts from Holland (don’t know the right word …it’s different from bold or narccistic) and have seen so much more art than most artists here. Hope she’ll have the opportunity to travel in Europe and see lots of art. It probably is similar to writing – the more you have seen/know the better your intuition develops about what is good and not, and when you can break the rules:)
        I’ll stop before it becomes a chapter:) Thank you for all the info!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you Janet! Last year was an unpleasant eye opener for me. Guess I had too romantic of a view about the America I thought I lived in. True, it’s good that the wrongs were exposed, but the wrongs were so much more wrong than I thought!
    You are right, there is the freedom of speech and to disagree, as long as it is with respect for the other. Am finding out though that this really starts at home, when raising children! Am at a loss for words how the now-college generation are still throwing temper tantrums 4 year olds do. Anyway, in short, good to know there are still people like you, and maybe they are still the majority, and maybe still silent!


  6. Hello Jesh, such a magnificent Lily – I must go to your art website. I also love your painting of the lady in red. Beautiful reflections ! A great post, thank you :D)


  7. Oh that wonderful flower! I love flowers! We don’t have much pretty flowers here in the tropics that is why whenever I see pictures of lilies and irises and tulips, it refreshes my mind and even my body!

    Greetings from the Philippines!



    • I want to thank you Norm for Thursday doors, specifically, because finally after 2-3 years am finding some blogs at WordPress with commonality, since I’m not a photographer! And I’m too reality oriented to join some of the artists’ blogs living on another planet:):)

      Liked by 1 person

      • My pleasure. It’s really all about sharing a little slice of our part of the world with others. Believe me, I’m having so much fun with it, especially discovering so many places 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Wonderful pictures as always – I especially liked the butterfly and the tree reflection. Great philosophy this week as well. 🙂


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