18 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – TOMORROW (December)”

  1. A great post, thank you.
    I often remember my time with the homeless people and like I celebrate Christmas with them. With these abandoned neglected people I found more human warmth than in middle-class circles. We were in a bad cold and dirt in a house without window glasses or doors, had only a little fire… there were no material things, no tree or decorations, some potato salad, hot tea and of course alcohol for the most of them (yes, I also drank a little from the cursing bottle), but they all had their memories of better times and old kinked and torn photos in their backpacks and we have spoken each with other. That’s so rare in the rich and clean normal world!
    I don’t make it romantic and don’t forget all violence and the bad, what happened with the people and what I’ve experienced in this time (most of them are dead meanwhile), but that was the best Christmas in my life!
    Sorry, that not the kind of comment, what’s just awaiting.

    Wish you a Merry Christmas


    1. Meanwhile wrote you back on blogspot:) That sounded honest, and special! Any plans for this Christmas? It suddenly turned cold, around zero at night and in the morning we see frost. Frost is rarely seen here in Calif. so it’s a big thing:)
      No travel for us, and letting my middle daughter cook Christmas dinner – can’t tell much more right now- you’ll understand next week!


  2. So true,Jesh, that this time of year can be sorrowful for some. My oldest grandson donated half his Christmas presents to homeless children. He is beginning to be of the age where he realizes that there are many less fortunate than himself and he wanted to help. My husband and I gave money to Oxfam and to Doctors Without Borders to help the refugees in Syria, instead of buying presents for each other.

    Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!


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