This is where a number of things look a little off kilter. Or saturated with color.



Orange and creme – color me me crazy?
The truth is what I needed the reflections to stand out more, so I saturated the color in Photoshop. I don’t think this shop would sell anything if the walls had these colors.
( Week Reflections)





Nice gate, but the yellow stick … flag pole? Different textures here
(Mundane Monday, Tue Texture, Good Fences)




The Thursday White Door is not exactly colorful, but the way it’s decorated
what ya think? There’s a little too much variety for my taste…
(Blue Monday, Thurs. Door, Tue Treasure



Friday Hunt
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Weeks Favorite:


Can a lilly have a more saturated color than this?
(Nature Notes, Floral Fri Foto, Todays Flowers Maleviks)






With much Zest this turkey escaped Thanksgiving and crosses the road, since it read the stop sign (on road). But that may be also be the reason cars are in danger of skidding!
(Fri Greens. Sat. Critters)







Yes, this horizon somewhere in Southern California has an incline! Traveling from or to Los Angeles to Northern California:)
(Tue Travel, Sky Watch)



Below, a merry wish to all who celebrate Christmas                             or Xmas, the favorite holiday of many! (ABC Wed, Fri Hunt)




Join the fun of showing your experience
during the current SEASON


the photo LINK OPEN (in a separate post) ALL WEEK this week and the next!



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22 thoughts on “COLOR ME CRAZY POST

  1. so wundervolle farben… einfach herrlich. der himmel ist so wunderschön und auch das kleid vor dem laden 🙂
    liebe grüße


  2. Merry Christmas to all of you as well. I can send you a bit of snow if I hurry. It’s going to warm up to above freezing soon and then there’s a bit of rain in the forecast, so all our lovely snow may be gone by Christmas Day. 😦 Ah, well, it will be a happy one nonetheless.



  3. I like that shade of orange and often thought I’d like a room that color, nice job on getting the reflection. I also like the busy door because of the old dress which makes me think about who would wear that combination and when (high-class prostitute from the late 1800s?). Pretty sky, looks so peaceful. And a happy holiday to you and yours, Jeanette.


  4. Hello, just stopping back to say thank you for linking up your post. I enjoyed seeing the turkey. Pretty lillies and sky shots. Happy weekend. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  5. Love they dress by the door. Great capture of the turkey. Not what I’d expect to see in that urban setting. Love the lily! Thank you for joining in Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great new year!


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