17 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS- TREEEEZ IN FALL Nov 6”

  1. I love your mossy woods and trees and the deer (which I think are quite perfect enough as is)…. thank you so much for hosting and I always appreciate your encouraging words for bloggers that you add to each Seasons post. They help!


  2. Good morning Jesh, Your tree photos are great and the deer photo is awesome. We too have lots of deer as we live next to a forest animal preserve. We also get bears! Yikes.
    My photo that I linked is of a painting that my cousin painted. Never seen before. Smile!
    Happy Blue Monday. Wishing you a happy week.


  3. That’s a great deer shot, probably better than the crazy expensive cameras. Moss on the asphalt, uh oh, I just watched an Aussie sci fi where moss everywhere was the harbinger of an alien take over. Love the river shot, feels like I’m there.


  4. Hi Jesh, My link is in the All Seasons, Treeeez in Fall Nov. 6th. The title is… ‘Fall through the trees’ I admit that I am a bit confused when I visit your posts because of the many different subjects on your posts. I should have checked what number my link is. Let me know of it is ok and if you found my link.


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