TRAINS and Things

42 thoughts on “TRAINS and Things”

  1. I like the second photo. Did you notice the upstairs door that opens to… nothing! I’m sure there was a landing there or balcony, and you can see where the stairsteps used to go down the side of the building.


      1. You did well. There are some places I would like to photograph before the streets fill with people but I would have to get up at five am and travel for an hour, so I may never get that shot, lol. I only get up at that time for a plane journey. 🙂


  2. Hi again, thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, you can certainly get a spinning wheels second hand. All 3 of my wheels have been second hand, and all from Craig’s List. I still have 2 of the 3 – and the one I re-sold wasn’t a bad wheel, just not one that was right for me. I definitely recommend keeping an eye out. I first learned to spin using a drop spindle, which is useful in learning how to draft the fibers and learning the initial motions. It’s a much slower process, but a good place to start. You might have a spinners guild or group in your area who could get you started. The one thing I should mention is that different fibers are very different to spin. Cotton and silk are among the most difficult fiber types to spin. Cotton has extremely short fiber length, so it is quite tricky for a beginner because it is hard to keep a strand going. Silk is very slippery and thus also somewhat difficult to spin. The easiest fiber to learn with is a sort of rustic-style wool, which would probably bother your allergies. Some people who have wool allergies are actually allergic to treatments that commercial wool undergoes, rather than the wool itself, and they find that they can use wool from small farms that hasn’t been subjected to those treatments. You can also get acrylic “roving” (the stuff that you spin into yarn) so that might be a good starting point for you. If you try starting with cotton or silk, it may be quite frustrating (at least it would be for me.) I’ve been spinning for about 8 years and I avoid cotton because of how tricky it is. Silk I don’t mind now, but it’s taken experience to get there. I hope that helps a bit – spinning is a wonderful hobby! I learned to spin before I learned to knit or crochet. 🙂


  3. My son was always fascinated with trains when he was little. I think it would be fun to travel by train. Nice image of the ducks. Thank you so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great week!


  4. Love the picture of the wooden train station I too love looking at old trains
    and railway station. There are lots of restored old railways in the uk,
    In the wonderful city of York there is a great railway museum, you’d love it!
    Thanks for sharing you passion with us, most interesting.
    best wishes,
    Abcw team.


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