ALL SEASONS – CREATIVITY in October- November

18 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – CREATIVITY in October- November”

    1. Thanks so much for linking, Debbie! As a matter of fact, I saw a bear once on the site I was going to paint, but it was already tranquilized and hauled off with a crane (!) back to the woods:)
      Have a great week (hope not for a week that is a bear of a week:))


  1. Wonderful shots, Jesh, and I love the Autumn colours and shapes. Sorry to disappoint, but there are no bears in the Antarctic! Lots of penguins, though 🙂 Perhaps a penguin may be hiding in your soapstone…
    Thanks for hosting.


  2. I like your fall collection … I need to go look for some acorns! Can’t wait to see what you do with that beautiful soapstone piece. Something to remind you of the majesty of Zion? Thank you for hosting!


  3. Hi Jesh, Love your fall tree, the collection of stones etc and I am thinking about the soapstone. I do think it is an animal sitting. Maybe a lopped ear rabbit or a seal. Whatever you do it will be awesome for sure.

    I have been thinking about joining your seasons blog party. I need a bit of instruction about your rules . I was reading your page but I do not know what day to add my thumbprint. I love the idea and have loved your many posts that you share.

    Happy Blue Monday.


  4. Hi Jesh, I just read your comment about your meme. I understand what you are saying and I’m sorry, it wasn’t clear to me before. Please delete my thumbprint and next week I will join in the correct way. You are right about the mix up about advertizing. It never occurred to me. Thank you for clearing this up and being so sweet about it as well.


  5. Ha! I need to get some acrylics in house so #1 Grandson can paint the rock treasures he picks up.

    What has that beautiful white rock decided it is? Have you worked on it?

    I got behind and am ever so slowly catching up with older posts. 🙂


    1. Ugh, haven’t had any time – not even to pick up my brush! Guess you have never seen those games “to paint a rock” for kids (and then you have to pay for the rocks, lol)? Kids LOVE to paint rocks.
      Remembered, that my oldest adult child – now momma of 4, was for some time in an experimental pre-school where they “washed” a rock, as a tool to extend the time of their focus.

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