50 thoughts on “NOSTALGIC WALK”

  1. Hello, love the pretty flower and bee capture. Great shot of the gull with it’s dinner. The rolling hills is a lovely scene. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


  2. I love the last picture,stunning.
    Looks like some sort of clam in the bird`s beak.
    I think too over the year what goals to set for next year & try to be peaceful for the events over the year.Thanks for sharing,phyllis


  3. I’ve always thought our New Year is totally wrong. It should be at the end of September. (maybe we should latch onto the Jewish New Year?!)
    Love the rolling hills – especially as where I live is it is relatively flat.


  4. Wonderful assortment of images. The flower with the bee is lovely. I think that last photo has to be my favorite. Stunning scenery. Thanks so much for participating. Hope you have a great week!


  5. I really love that shot in California. It is so atmospheric and moody. The hills look like they are about to start rolling. My favorite season is Fall because of all the colors and changes. Nothing is stagnant and there is something new to see every day. The colors are much more vibrant than Spring’s color pallet.


    1. Am happy I connected without knowing to a wordpresser:) Looked at your beautiful post from Barcelona because our son did his interneship there, before graduating from an international college in the Hague. The office he worked at was next to the Gaudi.

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    1. Thank you Patti! Oh yeah, especially more Mid and North in California. And the view you’re referring to is actually still considered southern Calif. We have storms too, the difference with the Northern states is in the temperature:)
      Hope to see you back in a few days in ALL SEASONS:)

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  6. Thank you for the beautiful nostalgic tour… I’m a huge fan of the Fall and that’s exactly the mood that reigns over the season. I love the last image of the hills, so serene and majestic!


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