Nostalgic – I allow myself to reflect or reminisce,  because am looking at the last season of the year. Has kind of a finality to it. Yet, now in so much contact with blogs where it’s spring and summer, I wonder if you have similar feelings near the end of the year, or very different?



Taking a leisurely walk in Old Town Sacramento as the mornings are still not freezing cold yet:), passing by the Spirits Ale building
(Good Fences, Our Beautiful World- orange, Tue Treasure )





When visiting my friend, I had a field day, because her brother is a horticulturist and had been keeping up the garden. I love this flower and the bee loves it too (half hiding on the the left)
(Floral Friday Foto, Todays Flowers, Our Beautiful World, Maleviks Rosen, Outdoor Wed.)





Detail of the same building above of the door and its reflections,
used a glass filter in PS
(Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflections, Tue Treasure, TueTexture)



Friday Hunt
Starts with R:  Reflections (above)
Week’s favorite: flower
Black or Orange: door and top of building front


What’s in his beak? That’s the Question for ABC Wdnesday:)
The sun is still there, although less, even in Southern Calif.
(Sat. Critters, Blue Monday, Tue Texture,  ABC Wed., Water World)







Even  though this shot is from February- it fits with the moodiness of Fall – barely out of Los Angeles in the Grapevine (an area on the Five freeway, where one can get stranded with sudden snow), and traveling North -where I live now
Sky Watch, Fri Greens, Tue Travel


Always so much fun to see what the latest is with everyone
(except for gossip:)  ) on ALL SEASONS


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50 thoughts on “NOSTALGIC WALK

  1. Hello, love the pretty flower and bee capture. Great shot of the gull with it’s dinner. The rolling hills is a lovely scene. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


  2. I love the last picture,stunning.
    Looks like some sort of clam in the bird`s beak.
    I think too over the year what goals to set for next year & try to be peaceful for the events over the year.Thanks for sharing,phyllis


  3. I’ve always thought our New Year is totally wrong. It should be at the end of September. (maybe we should latch onto the Jewish New Year?!)
    Love the rolling hills – especially as where I live is it is relatively flat.


  4. Wonderful assortment of images. The flower with the bee is lovely. I think that last photo has to be my favorite. Stunning scenery. Thanks so much for participating. Hope you have a great week!


  5. I really love that shot in California. It is so atmospheric and moody. The hills look like they are about to start rolling. My favorite season is Fall because of all the colors and changes. Nothing is stagnant and there is something new to see every day. The colors are much more vibrant than Spring’s color pallet.


  6. Thank you for the beautiful nostalgic tour… I’m a huge fan of the Fall and that’s exactly the mood that reigns over the season. I love the last image of the hills, so serene and majestic!


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