This is the three year anniversary of ALL SEASONS! An applause for all of you:):)

LOVED you beautiful and interesting images last week! In the beginning I had internet trouble – am apologizing beforehand, hoping you all received a comment from me in the end.

Wow, snow so soon after  the snow images were posted! It came as a total surprise in a storm on the outskirts  of that of Napa Valley (about 3 hrs). West from us!
I usually don’t willingly walk outside in a storm … except for snow:)  -first image and the one of the daffodils.



Hubs had warned me a storm was coming, and we probably would get rain …or not.
This is when it started snowing while I was shooting pics. You can see it is much darker than after the snow fell.



Was worried about the daffodils  of our neighbors, because they started blooming too early, and fell flat last week … but it looked like that fuzzy white woke them up.


















Next day noon, cold but pleasant weather.
My Studio looking good in snow




It took longer than a year before we had figured out how to hang a sign I wanted without damaging the door.
When cleaning up the Christmas stuff, I discovered an extra hanger for the wreath, and without thinking hung it on the laundry room door, to get it out of the way.

After a few days it occurred to me, that was our solution for the sign on he studio door! Hurrah – the only thing to figure out was a back splash for the iron cross (approximately 19-20 inch long) I had already purchased in San Diego before we moved.

Hubby decided on a piece of shiplap  (re-purposed wood) that was left over from building his tinker room. It gives the metal barn more character, and something identifying:)


Your turn to share  whatever experience you have in your season, good, bad, or in-between!



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15 Comments Add yours

  1. Happy 3 year anniversary! Have a lovely week! Waving from Germany!

  2. Carol says:

    Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary and I hope you have many more years of blogging!

  3. Debbie Smyth says:

    Wow! Three years! Congratulations Jesh
    We have snow on its way from Siberia to the UK – so maybe I’ll have a hint of what for you next weekend.

  4. kenschneider says:

    Loved the snow shots and the cross decoration. Happy Blogaversity! I hope the snow helped with the dry conditions, if only a bit. My former home in New Mexico is suffering a drought as is much of the Southwest .

  5. The snow is pretty — but I feel sorry for the daffodils,hope they survive! (When we lived in Oregon, hard rain often knocked them down just when they were at their best!)…… Congrats and thanks for the three years!!!

  6. Angie says:

    Happy Third Anniversary! So glad I can join in the party! Oh, those dear daffodils … they are hardy for a reason! Love your cross decoration!

  7. Three years! Doesn’t seem like it at all. Happy Anniversary! Your iron cross is gorgeous. Has a nice essence to it. Hurrah for the snow! Glad to hear the Sierras got snow. We got the promised chilly temps but no precipitation other than the frost.

  8. Snow! What a surprise for your area! I know it won’t hurt the daffodils–they seem to cope well when we get a alate snow

  9. Happy Anniversary, Jesh. Snow is wonderful for all of us who don’t see it often, but it can wreak havoc in areas where it is regular and plentiful.

  10. ASTERACEAE says:

    Beautiful door decoration, Jesh. I like the combination of iron and old wood.

  11. Klara S says:

    Poor daffodils… The picture with the door sign is very good.
    Thank you for hosting.

  12. Thank you so much for continue to host All Seasons. I had no idea you got snow while we had the storm here. Now I know where to go next time when I need some snow. The photos are beautiful. It has been so warm this year in California. All the spring flowers are blooming early and winter flowers didn’t even bloom. That is a beautiful iron cross, looks wonderful on your sunlit wooden door.


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