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the link this week is open from Sunday December 3 through Wednesday December 5 till 7 pm, Pacific time Many thanks to all who put up their post and linked to ALL SEASONS last week! They were superb, excellent, each in your own niche:)  Cannot wait to  read about your experiences this week.

Finally the weather feels like Fall, at night dipping close to zero. Because Hubby worked in the city a few days, I am learning now to tend the fire. Meaning, watch it does not go out – or be in a cold house for the rest of the day. A new skill I never thought I would have to learn. Now I only like to know how to start a fire (without artificial means, except for a match and pine cones). As you can tell there were no girl scouts in my childhood in Holland!

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New growth is so pretty and fresh looking




Part of the Grapevine freeway between Los Angeles and Sacramento in “winter” time. The bare look is beautiful in its own way.




The pine needles are everywhere!



What is still on your To do Check List for Christmas and New year?
The only thing I’ve done,
– bought a Christmas tree -not up yet!




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16 Comments Add yours

  1. Mascha says:

    My favorite photo are the enlighted leaves… we have snow today. I’ve learned to make a fire and watch for it in childhood, we have always lived with fire to heat, in former GDR. And I very miss it. I’ve cooked on fire a few years…
    Here I wrote about, but it’s in German, was for a German Link party
    Have a nice december sunday

  2. Carol says:

    You know more than me about fires now. I was in Girl Scouts but I never got the fire starting.

  3. New growth is magical to me. I love how one day nothing, the next, hey look! Making a fire is a great skill to have. Good for you, Jesh.

  4. Kelleyn says:

    Nature is so glorious! Wishing you a fantastic week!

  5. I love the cooler temperature. Lovely photos and yes, I find the bare look to be beautiful as well.


  6. cooling down to winter with warm fire places and hot soup there, and ramping up for summer here. It has been very hot here the last couple of days, but raining last night and this morning. I’m enjoying the cooler temperatures. Have a great week and thanks again for the link up.

  7. It is the most wonderful time of the year! Enjoy decorating your Christmas tree!

  8. Hi Jesh, I am late with visiting you this week. My to do list is full still…I am a bit late. But something is started: the chocolate Advent calendar…! Have a nice week!

  9. Nothing like a cheery open fire glowing hot and bright on a cold, dark, Winter’s night, Jesh. Making a fire is a skill I learnt from my grandfather when I stayed with my grandparents, so it’s been a useful skill along the way…
    With our unseasonal cold and rainy Summer weather in Melbourne, an open fire is just what we need. However, we make do witht eh sapce heater…

  10. kenschneider says:

    Hi, Jesh– missed the Linky first time around! You reminded me of our stay in a very small cabin in the remote section of Denali National Park. We had sawdust soaked in kerosene to act as fire starter, but by the time the fire got going it was already time to get outside and enjoy the scenery and wildlife.Here in Florida our cold front just went through– dropped to low of 66 degrees F with a chilly breeze from the north. Our city has never experienced snow or deep freeze. I must admit that I miss the mountains of New Mexico!

  11. Thanks for another great party.
    Happy December

  12. Thank you for hosting — that Grapevine looks quite familiar — we have driven it quite a few times and always enjoyed it. Happy Holiday Season.

  13. Do you have a stove? They really heat up the place. Its snowing in parts of ireland, at the moment, that doesn’t happen most winters here. Stay warm, 🙂

  14. The best of seasons have finally arrived!

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