20 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – TO KEEP MARCHING (March 19)”

  1. It is important to remember to take care of ourselves and even to forgive ourselves from time to time 🙂


  2. Very true about natural things being better than pills and tablets, Jesh. It always reminds me of the sequence in Exupéry’s “Little Prince”, where the Prince meets someone who tells him he has discovered a pill that will satisfy your thirst so that you save all that time all day because you don’t waste it drinking water. And the Little Prince tells him: “Well, that would be wonderful, having all that extra time! What I would use it for would be to take a nice leisurely walk to a well and drink my fill of water.” 🙂


  3. The last photo makes me relax just looking at it! So lovely, with all that expanse of nature and soothing color. These are all good reminders. Less sugar — that’s what I need to work on!


  4. You know I believe in eating naturally and as close to the land as possible. My post was a little bit about the same thing this week, as you noted. Sleeping well is the hardest healthy habit for me .


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