copyrightsmallseasons2spring_4269-copy       Hello SEASONS bloggers, Sun Jan 15- Wed 18

Thanks to everyone for your beautiful captures! Am amazed every time for the quality of your blogs and photography!

Hope you re getting used to normal life in January! We had two weeks rain (more on than off)  and Friday was the first day of sun – wow how bright!

If you live in one of the flooded areas, or where storms effected trees, etc., we like to see it!
At the end of the first week we had an Afterglow party – just in time, because the next day we had an 8-hour electricity outage, and two days later again! Happy to have a wood stove, so we were not cold! And a gas range for cooking. Got to remember that the next time we move!

The long absence of sun (am spoiled!) is perfect to show our time in South, California, where the sun shines at least 80% of the time out of the year,
also in winter. This is Balboa Park in San Diego, one of our hangouts.

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TO REMIND YOU in the North, it will not always be cold:)
dwarfpalms-021Dwarf Palms

It’s January! Really?  Am not confused:) In Southern California, January really looks like this. In one of the houses we lived, we inherited a approx. 50 feet palm tree from the previous owner.

Do you know that when the leaf of an adult palm falls on you, they can be pretty heavy and scratch you? The ends on the sides where the leaf is attached to, are pointy, looking like thorns. Also, it’s heavy so and may damage other plants. If I could have chosen, I would like this one!


One of my favorite places to roam around is Balboa Park in San Diego.
Not on of the best angles of the Museum of Man, but showing how high
that tower is.

The origins of this museum were in the Panama- California exposition, which opened in 1915 for the inauguration of the Panama Canal.

The subject of the exposition was Man throughout the Ages. It changed names several times. In 1942 it became  the Museum of Man to focus
on the anthropological side.

During World War II it served as a hospital. The Museum is housed in four buildings. The tower is a landmark in San Diego and has a carillon
played all quarter hours and can be heard in the park.




One of the sides of the beautiful Quadrangle, one of the four buildings of the Museum. On its left is the tower


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whether it’s winter or summer where you live!
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13 Comments Add yours

  1. The Museum of Man looks fascinating, I love the facade.
    Beautiful photo of the dwarf palms – lovely light – we could use some here today!

    Wishing you a warm and happy week Jesh,

  2. I wondered how and if the rain and flooding had affected you — glad it wasn’t too bad. I never get used to the sound dry palm fronds make when they fall … I still jump every time (they sound alive — like a snake). Beautiful pictures — thank you for them and for hosting, as always.

  3. Pat says:

    I’ve visited San Diego quite a few times and enjoyed the different museums in Bolboa Park, plus hearing an organ recital there. I’m glad your were not terribly affected by the storms except to lose power for a short while. I’m sure better weather will arrive soon! I like living where there re four seasons–the cold does not bother me too much, at least not as much as heat does. Have a wonderful week!

  4. It’s been several years since I last visited Balboa Park. It’s a wonderful park. That tower is gorgeous.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. jesh stg says:

    Thanks so much, Deborah! You have a great week too. Has it been raining for the last two weeks too where you live?
    Today we saw people, while driving home from Sacramento coming back from the snow (skis on top of the car, etc.)

  6. kenschneider says:

    Palms are pretty but they can be mean. Here in south Florida we have many Royal Palms along the roads. They are very tall and the leaves are so large and heavy that they can kill a person if they fall on one. We have a row of pygmy date palms (Robelini) along the front of the open space we share with the next-door neighbor. Its spines are so formidable that it acts as a wall to deter anyone who wishes to take a shortcut to the lake in back of our homes.

  7. My Desktop says:

    Ah! You’ve brought back happy memories of our visit to San Diego with your photos, Jesh…
    Thanks for hosting.

  8. NixPixMix says:

    Our neighbours have two huge palm trees in their front yard and they have quite a job keeping them neat, and yes, old and spent frond can fall very heavily indeed!
    Nice entry, Jesh! Thanks for hosting.

  9. Hi Jesh,

    We’ve had a break in the rain these last two days! It’s been nice having the break getting the soil to dry out a bit.
    I stuck to the hilly roads yesterday instead of the trails b/c they were so wet and muddy when I went for a stretch my legs hike.

  10. bettyl - NZ says:

    What a lovely building! I love the intricate architecture.

  11. Mitzi says:

    wow…the architecture of that Museum is amazing! Beautiful image indeed. I’m sure it is fascinating in person!

  12. Mascha says:

    Great architekture! I like this age…
    I’m grateful for every little sunshine here in our cold grey area, it’s just so rare.
    Enjoy your week

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